Posted on December 10, 2015

Speaking today at the American Chamber of Commerce in Qatar’s Distinguished Speakers Series, Qatar Rail Managing Director, Eng. Abdullah Al-Subaie stressed the importance of bilateral trade deals between the USA and Qatar, with special emphasis on ongoing infrastructure projects. Over 80 members of the American business community attended the event.

Eng.Al-Subaie discussed the three key Qatar Rail projects, Doha Metro, long distance network for passengers and freight  and the Lusail light railtram system with specific emphasis on the economic, environmental, education, human and social sustainability benefits of the project to Qatar.

Commenting on the progress of the Qatar Rail projects Eng.Al-Subaie said: “Qatar Rail’s mission is two prong – we are delivering world class infrastructure projects such as Doha, Metro, Lusail Light Rail and Long Distance Rail while at the same time realizing a vision of our national leaders that will transform Qatar into a knowledge based economy by 2030”. “Our projects are making good progress with 67km of tunnels completed out of 113km for Doha Metro. Other countries take 20 years to deliver what we are looking to accomplish in five years. 2016 is our peak year for construction as our work intensifies. Our tunneling and civil works will complete next year and we then move on to lay track and install the systems. We are already preparing for operational readiness.”

Eng. Al-Subaie pointed out the key role with the local private sector has played in the project, with over 700 contracts awarded to local companies. He also pointed out that there were a number of business opportunities for the infrastructure, retail and real-estate sector and invited American companies to continue active participation in Qatar Rail tenders.

Robert Hager, Chairman of the Board of American Chamber of Commerce, thanked Eng.Al-Subaie for shedding the light on Qatar Rail projects and reiterated the need for continued strong business ties between the US and Qatar. "Many American firms are already a part of the Qatar Rail flagship projects. We hope that the business opportunities presented today will encourage more companies from the US to compete for the contracts. Infrastructure and the development of the industries supporting it is very important for the expansion of our bilateral trade ties." – concluded Hager.

The next AmCham Distinguished Speakers Series continues on January 20th, 2016 with Dr. Ibrahim Fraihat, Senior Foreign Policy Fellows at Brookings, Doha Center speaking.