Posted on February 21, 2015

Qatar Organ Donation Center (Hiba) at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) recently organized an awareness lecture about organ donation for members of the Indian community in Qatar.

Lectures were delivered by Dr. Bahaa Uddin Al Haj from Hiba,and Davis Chiramel, a Catholic Church priest and founder of the Kidney Federation of India. During his lecture, Dr. Al Haj highlighted Hiba’s activities and the center’s contribution towards increasing organ donation in Qatar.He also clarified that relatives of patients suffering from kidney failure could donate their own kidneys to save them.  Donated organs of a brain dead donor are however normally allocated to patients on the organ donation wait list.

“In pursuance of the equality and justice principle laid down in the Doha Donation Accord and Istanbul Declaration which states that there should be no racial or religious discrimination in organ transplantation, Hiba is keen to raise awareness of organ donation among members of various communities living in Qatar.This is to ensure that patients in need of organs are treated equally irrespective of their race, religion or culture,” said Dr. Riyadh Abdul Sattar, Director of Qatar Organ Donation Center.

Qatar Organ Donation Center encourages 2 [].jpgDr. Abdul Sattar highlighted that Hiba’s activities have included Ramadan awareness campaigns, activities launched in collaboration with some of Qatar’s mosques as well as participation in the national day celebrations of various communities living in Qatar. He also explained that Hiba has paid visits to the Indian Church in Doha to speak directly to Indians through their clerics in their native language to disseminate organ donation information.

“We appreciate the presence of Priest Chiramel, Chairman of the Kidney Federation of India, who has previously donated a kidney toa patient who was not a relative,”Dr. Abdul Sattar added. After the lectures, more than 70 members of the Indian community gave their consent to donate their organs after death by registering as donors. On the second day of the community event, Priest Chiramel visited Hiba where he was introduced to the services and mission of the center. An agreement between Hiba and the Indian community in Qatar was made for further cooperation on organ donation awareness programs. Priest Chiramel was presented with a certificate of appreciation to commemorate his visit and his support for the organ donation process in Qatar.Qatar Organ Donation Center encourages 3 [].jpg