Posted on July 21, 2019

Parents, educators and researchers attended a hands-on training workshop focused on children’s safety at Qatar National Library on 20 July.

Sidra Medicine’s Life Support Training team, led by Nadim Osseily, presented the session on drowning prevention, with a demonstration on the necessary steps to prevent drowning and suffocation. Experts engaged participants in practical activities, including a live exercise on a ventilator. The event was part of an ongoing series, “Our Children Matter,” with a focus on a variety of topics in the fields of childhood, education and children's health. Zaki Saleh, a father of two children who attended the event, said: “As parents, it is important for us to make ourselves aware of basic children’s safety practices. We never know when we will face health and safety issues, which makes it crucial for everyone to learn these tips. I am thankful to the Library and Sidra Medicine for putting together such a useful event.”

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Heba Rashid, who also attended, said: “What makes this event so important is its timeliness; it comes at the peak of our summer holidays, when our children have more leisure time to go swimming and for other similar activities, which may involve such risks. We have the best opportunity to learn safety practices here at this event, and also to read books about children’s safety from the Library’s collection.”