Posted on December 17, 2018

Students and staff at Doha College enjoyed an immersing Qatar experience, complete with the most diverse aspects of the Qatari culture and heritage. The day was the culmination of an “International Week” marked at the college, and was dedicated entirely to everything Qatari.

The Doha College Primary choir had the privilege of being invited to record the Qatar National Anthem in the Khalifa International Stadium for Aspire Zone, as part of the nation-wide celebrations. The children are sure to remember this experience as one of their favorites in Qatar.

Qatar National Day celebrations 2 [].jpg

The school was transformed overnight by the presence of a magnificent Majlis tent. Inside, there was traditional bread being baked for the hungry visitors, while a henna artist skilfully embellished the hands of hundreds. The students produced Arabic-inspired art, learned many new things about their host country and gained a greater appreciation of the Qatari heritage. Dr Steffen Sommer, Principal of Doha College, expressed his gratitude to the host country: “The students have done so well to bring Qatar into the college. I am proud to see how extensive their knowledge of Qatar is, and how much they enjoy taking part in the Qatari traditions.”