Posted on October 01, 2017

Qatar Leadership Centre’s (QLC) Executive Leaders Program participants  visited Harvard Business School and Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy this past week. QLC participants took part in an interactive module about innovation and change at Harvard University. The participants continued their journey to Rice University in Houston, Texas to further expand their knowledge of global energy and health policies.

“In order to truly maximize our potential, we must never forget to be intellectually curious,” noted His Excellency Dr. Abdulla bin Ali Al-Thani, Member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of QLC. “At Harvard Business School and Rice University’s Baker Institute, QLC participants embraced a valuable opportunity. They learned about becoming more resilient leaders, explored several leadership concepts and engaged in academic discussions.” 

Harvard Business School’s ‘Innovation and Change’ module encouraged the Executive Leaders to think creatively and collaborate to solve business problems. The module included sessions in which participants learned from real-life case studies on innovation and change management. In addition,the participants attended interactive lectures and practical exercises designed to bolster management capabilities. Next, the Executive Leaders visited Rice University’s Baker Institute, a well-respected public policy think-tank in Houston, Texas. The QLC participants learned from Rice University professors,site visits and knowledge centers, including the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), JLABS at Texas Medical Center – part of Johnson & Johnson Innovation –and the ExxonMobil oil and gas company. Experts from these organizations shared thought-provoking insights.

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Application 2018 -2019 National Leadership Programs

Eligible applicants for QLC’s three National Leadership Programs may apply for the 2018-19 cycle online at Applicants undergo a highly competitive assessment process that takes into account qualifications, professional experience, leadership potential, and other factors. For more information, please visit QLC’s website. Applications must be submitted by October 21, 2017.