Posted on September 14, 2014

The Qatar International Court (QIC) has hosted The Lord Chancellor of Great Britain and Secretary of State for Justice, The Right Honourable Chris Grayling MP, during his recent visit to Qatar.

The QIC marked the occasion by hosting a reception for the Qatari legal and business community at the QIC’s courtroom and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Centre. During the reception, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling toured the QIC’s facilities and met with QIC CEO Faisal Rashid Al Sahouti and QIC Registrar Christopher Grout.

Qatar International Court hosts [].jpgSpeaking at the reception, QIC CEO Faisal Rashid Al Sahouti said: “We are honoured to welcome the UK Secretary of State for Justice to the Qatar International Court. Qatar and the UK enjoy a close relationship in the legal sector and we share many common interests. The Qatar International Court has benefitted greatly from UK legal expertise since our establishment in 2005 to reach the position where we are in today. As a court that caters for international businesses yet is part of the Qatari judicial system, we look forward to continued close cooperation with lawyers from both the UK and the local courts.”

The Right Honourable Chris Grayling MP said: “Our two countries both appreciate the vital foundation legal services provide for growth and stability, and supporting trade and business investment. I am proud that the UK is truly seen as a global centre for legal excellence and that we can share the expertise of our British judiciary and lawyers. I am also delighted to be able to invite those using this court to the Global Law Summit in London next February. This world-class conference draws on the UK’s long history of freedom and justice to examine exactly the issues we’ve discussed here today - how law enables business to flourish across jurisdictions and forms the foundation of a strong and prosperous society.”

Robin Knowles CBE, QC, Adviser to the President of the QIC added: “This visit underlines the relationship between two countries that seek to serve the international community, including the international business community, through their legal systems. Qatar honoured England and Wales when it invited Lord Woolf, former Lord Chief Justice, to become President of the Qatar International Court. The honour was continued when Lord Phillips, former President of the UK Supreme Court, was asked to succeed Lord Woolf. More broadly, both countries will together help advance international understanding of the Rule of Law with the Global Legal Summit in London in 2015 and the third Qatar Law Forum in Doha in 2016.”