Posted on February 03, 2015

Qatar Career Fair (QCF), a member of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, has concluded its first winter Career Camp 2015 that took place at the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC).

QCF focused on engaging young Qatari students and providing them with a range of practical skills and tools to help them choose the academic path that best suits their interest and potential. Following the successful week-long programme, all 30 students were given certificates for their participation. This latest initiative serves as an example of QCF’s continued efforts in supporting Qatar Foundation on its mission to support the growth and development of the country by unlocking human potential among young people through a variety of projects and programmes; ultimately equipping them with the desired skills and motivation for their future careers.

The event was attended by Mr Fahad Saad Al Qahtani, Group Executive Director of QF Administration, who commented: “Since its establishment 20 years ago, Qatar Foundation dedicates its efforts to develop education, research and society in Qatar, in order to realise the Qatar National Vision 2030.It places Qatar at the forefront of nations, as a knowledge-based economy, by unleashing the talents of Qataris and putting them to great service within society.”

“Qatar Career Fair works hard to realise QF’s goal of unlocking the potentials of students, by informing them about their strengths, honing their skills, and placing them in the right direction, to help them make the best decisions about their future career paths. This is a vital choice, which greatly affects one’s life, family and society.” Mr Abdulla Ahmed al-Mansoori, the Executive Director of Qatar Career Fair, said: “Qatar Career Fair hopes that the participating students at the Winter Career Camp have benefited from the activities organised, and that they now have a better perspective of the future career they wish to take, assisted by the skills acquired at the different interactive workshops and field visits.”

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He added: “This camp represents just one programme among many others organised by QCF throughout the year, preparing Qatari youth for their future careers. We ask all Qatari youth to participate in these events and activities so they can better prepare their future, in line with the requirements of the Qatari labour market, and participate in the development of the country.”

Mrs Aisha Mandi al-Tamimi, a mother of one participant,praised the camp, saying: “I was able to examine the programmes offered at QCF’s Winter Career fair and found it outstanding in terms of activities and workshops offered. Therefore, I registered two of my daughters. What has really excited me about this camp, other than the workshops, are the field visits to the biggest companies in Qatar, as it will be useful for my daughters in deciding on a future career path.”

Organised visits to some of the leading institutions in Qatar were held for participants in order to match their skills and education with real world work scenarios and acquaint them with relevant employment opportunities. These visits also provided students with an early opportunity to plan their future academic and career lives. QCF will continue to implement its different programmes, tailored to raise awareness about career paths and inspire a strong career culture in Qatar.

QCF is also preparing to launch ‘The Career Ambassadors’ programme. This will establish a physical presence for QCF in different schools in order to outline career paths for students and enhance the role played by career guidance in choosing a future academic and career path. It will also showcase all QCF activities. Throughout February and March, QCF is also preparing Qatar Career Forum and Lecture Series, which aim to engage Qatari youth, parents, career counsellors, academics and human resources’ practitioners in different discussions, to raise awareness about career paths and upgrade the standards of Qatari labour force.

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