Posted on May 23, 2014
The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) is working to provide the best services to all citizens and residents of the country in keeping with the highest international standards.
The PHCC made this declaration yesterday in a statement issued in response to a report published by Gulf Times on May 14, under the headline "Municipal Council demanding the development of the outer region." The report was based on a call made by the Central Municipal Council for the expansion of necessary health services in the outer areas of Doha.
"The PHCC is fully aware that the number of patients and visitors to the healthcare services, in its existing facilities, continue to increase because of population growth which has been unprecedented in the country during the past few years," it was explained in the statement. The PHCC pointed out that 19 new health centres are planned to be built within the capital area, Doha, and all over the country between 2014 and 2017, according to the Qatar Health Facilities Master Plan of the Supreme Council of Health. The new health centres which are meant to replace those at Karaana and Ghuwairiya are scheduled to become operational this year itself.

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"Six of the proposed centres will replace existing ones, in our attempt to ameliorate clinical services, upgrade quality standards and enhance patient experience. All new health centres are bigger in size than the existing ones, and offer a wide range of clinical services in accordance with the vision of the country for the enhancement of a healthy and productive society. "This vision is achieved by integrating wellness features, gymnasium, ante-natal classes, weight management, primary urgent care department, expanded diagnostic and imaging services as well as family medicine and specialised medical services in alignment to the PHCC strategy," the statement added. 
source: Gulf Times