Posted on December 27, 2019

As the Ministry of Interior is set to soon implement National Address Law, an overwhelming majority of people–both citizens and residents–have supported the move terming it important.

In an online survey, currently underway, on the website of the Ministry of Interior; around 91% respondents admitted new law’s importance. People were asked in the poll how they see the importance of National Address Law for the individuals and institutions.

Out of a total 1,854 respondents who took part in the survey so far, 1,399 (75%) people termed it ‘very important’ while 290 (16%) said that in their opinion it is ‘important’. Only 80 (4%) people in the survey consider the law ‘not important’. The online survey was launched on December 2, 2019 and set to continue until December 31, 2019. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior is running an aggressive awareness campaign, in different languages, about the new law on its social media platforms before implementing the National Address Law.

The Ministry said in a post shared on November 18 that it will begin implementing the National Address Law (Law No. 24 of 2017) soon as part of the strategic development of e-government, the completion of the legislative structure for government electronic transactions, and the transition from descriptive address to the digital address system. The National Address is a set of data specified by every natural or legal person, whether a citizen or an expatriate, so that all his transactions with governmental and non-governmental bodies are completed based on those data.

Such data will include the residence address, mobile and fixed-line numbers, email address, work address, permanent address abroad and any other information that may be specified by the relevant authority.
In another post on the importance of National Address Law shared on November 21 on ministry’s social media accounts, the Ministry said that the National Address facilitates the quick delivery of various services from different service providers in the country and it is a paradigm shift in the conduct of judicial proceedings.

Recently, in a media report, Dr. Abdullah Zayed Al Sahli, Head of the National Address Section at the Public Security of the Ministry of Interior, said that the National Address will serve many government entities such as the Ministry of Municipality and Environment; the Ministry of Justice; the Supreme Judiciary Council and Planning and Statistics Authority. “Soon the law will be published in the Official Gazette and registration will be done via Metrash 2, the Ministry of Interior website and all service centres spreading across the country,” Dr. Abdullah Zayed Al Sahli, Head of the National Address Section at the Public Security of the Ministry of Interior, said adding that the registration through Metrash 2 will not take more than a minute.

He had further said: “There will be a period of 6 months for registration, and after that, there will be fines not exceeding to QR10,000 for anyone who violates any of the provisions of articles (3) and (4) of this Act, or knowingly informs the competent authority of incorrect data about their national address.”

source: The Peninsula