Posted on February 03, 2011

Qatar Air Sports Committee (QASC) will organise Paragliding shows at the winter camp of Qatar Olympic Committee on Sea-Line Beach Area on Friday.

Mr. Mahadi Al-Qahatani, chairman of QASC announced that the committee will organise Paragliding and Parachuting shows  at QOC winter camp Friday in bid to encourage youth category practicing the sport.

A number of elite Qatari youth are set to  take part in Friday’s shows at Sealine beach, said Mr. Al-Qahatani.

“ Establishment of QASC is a pioneer idea  adopted by groups  of Qatari youth and supported by QOC to develop Air sports in the country” confirmed Mr. Al-Qahatani.

QASC chief appreciated the efforts of QOC Secretary General, HE Sheikh Saoud bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani in the development of  Air Sports in Qatar.