Posted on June 12, 2016

Newrest Gulf, a leader in multi-sector catering, continues to strengthen its position in Qatar with a number of key pivotal clients across the construction, oil and gas, and transportation sectors. The French-based company is a proven leader at the forefront of catering in the retail, aviation and rail sectors across the globe, and in Qatar, Newrest Gulf is building on this in its unwavering commitment to deliver at an international standard in every aspect of the business to ensure greater efficiencies in its quality and services, setting the benchmark for out-of-home food and catering services in Qatar.

Newrest Gulf currently caters over 60,000 meals per day in Qatar, providing its services to a number of prestigious clients including the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Interior, Qatari Diar, Waseef, Qatar Foundation affiliates, Qatalum and Qafac to name a few. 

Since establishing Newrest Gulf in 2013, the company has provided its outstanding out-of-home food service and catering services across a number of organisations, as it has increasingly focused on catering for companies, government, oil and gas, education, the health system as well as with camp construction.  As a service based company, Newrest Gulf continues to focus on the people, who are at the forefront of their business every day, ensuring the best possible quality in meals adapted specifically to the environment they are in.

A key example of this is through the catering services operations Newrest Gulf provides to several bodies of the Ministry of Interior such as the Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya) in Qatar, where typically such contracts can cover the entire food services provision for officer and soldiers throughout several facilities in the country. The same way with every one of their clients and people they serve, Newrest Gulf works methodically to ensure the nutritional intake is provided across a range of different scenarios and nationalities, which means adapting menus to the need of the environment

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Newrest Gulf is unwavering in its dedication to implement international standards on a local level, as it maintains the ethos of the Newrest offer worldwide, in each and in every aspect of delivery. This includes a core management team from the Newrest Corporate office as well as Newrest offices from around the world who are trained and experienced in Newrest’s core values and operational practices. On top of this, Newrest Gulf has regular international audits and reporting from Newrest’s Head Office in terms of adhering to food quality and safety. Newrest globally has invested significantly into building this infrastructure to ensure it never compromises on the quality of its operations with a firm focus on the people that it caters for.  

In addition, Newrest Gulf maintains efficiency in processes and upholding effective cost measures, as they are rigorous in their processes through their global position in aviation and on board catering services. Also, Newrest Gulf has a wealth of international experience and knowledge with regard to food safety, hygiene, work-site and job safety. In Qatar, Newrest Gulf continues to emphasise the healthy value of their food as they cater to over seven different regional cuisines per day in each of their operations, serving a mix of Asia, Indian South-East Asian and European cuisines. 

Newrest Gulf is currently comprised of Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE, as the company aims to bring a fresh eye in the catering and soft services market, by continuously improving and innovating the services it offers, adhering to Quality Health Safety Environment (QHSE) international obligations and high standard values into a competitive offer. In addition, sustainable development and a devotion to social values lie at the heart of the company’s ethos and activities. 

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As part of it social responsibility programs in the region, Newrest Gulf launched its Healthy Living Campaign 2016 in Oman earlier this year, with the objective to educate as many people about how to maintain a balanced diet, remain hydrated, fit and healthy, as well as to better manage their salt, sugar and oil consumption, and to promote the welfare of staff onsite. The Director of the Nutritional Department for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Samia Al Ghannami, expressed a strong level of support for this corporate social initiative. Newrest Gulf confirmed that they are looking to localise this initiative in Qatar during the second half of 2016.

Furthermore, Newrest Gulf was the recent recipient of certification Awards for ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22 000:200 for all activities in Qatar with respect to production and service on unit, laundry services and housekeeping. The certification guarantees the implementation of Newrest international hygiene standards and compliance to local regulation, day-to-day client orientations and proximity, human potential and skills development for Newrest staff along with the identification of improvement opportunities and follow up of required actions. 

Fabien Revol, Chief Operating Officer of the Middle East & Asia Division of Newrest, said: “While Newrest Gulf is pleased to have received these ISO 9001 and 22 000 certifications, we consider these as basic norms and as a minimum for all catering companies within the country. Our commitment within our catering and housekeeping services is an additional added value as we continue our focus on food safety, food standards and the nutritional value of the food. These two distinguished awards represent another important step for Newrest Gulf as we continue to be leaders in Qatar and the wider region, and we look forward to continuing to implement international standards locally.”

Newrest Gulf also confirmed that they have a number of expansion plans in the pipeline in Qatar including the development of a large kitchen production in order to increase on its operations leading up to Qatar 2022. Founded in 1996, Newrest sells its expertise in 50 countries and is the only out-of-home catering and services company that is active in all catering and related hospitality segments including inflight, rail and group catering, retail, buy on board, duty free, remote site and support services.