Posted on April 14, 2020

In continuation of the "SANID" initiative launched by the National Center for Educational Development at Qatar University to support parents and students and teachers and support them in distance learning operations, the National Center for Educational Development announced a new national educational initiative entitled "AWEN".

Dr. Abdullah Abu-Tineh, Director of The National Center for Educational Development, affirmed that the initiative is represented by the participation of parents, students and teachers in the production of various educational videos aiming the following topics:

  • Topics in scientific content or how to teach it to all levels of study.
  • Educational topics for students with disabilities or talented students.
  • Educational topics for preparing for exams and overcoming their concerns.

Conditions for participation

Design educational videos on the topics identified only. The video should not exceed 3 minutes (1-3 minutes).The videos should have quality of content, design and production in accordance with language and scientific standards, artistic direction and identification of the sources that have been relied upon. To be designed by parents, students, teachers, or together.

Commenting on the goals of the initiative, Dr. Abu-Tineh said, “This initiative aims to spread a culture of producing targeted resources for distance learning, and to encourage parents, students and teachers to invest their time in meaningful and beneficial educational work. This also aims to enhance friendly relation between members of the same family, and to transfer concepts of leadership, creativity, innovation and social responsibility into real-life.” “The center will implement a series of training workshops on how to produce educational videos across its multiple platforms,” he added.

Mechanism for participation in the initiative

Those wishing to participate in this initiative send the link of the produced videos and their personal data to the e-mail: ncedqu20@gmail.comA specialized committee reviews videos in terms of content quality, design and production. The videos authorized by the committee will be published on the various centers of the Center and those of the College of Education and Qatar University. The owners of high-quality videos will be invited to honor in a special ceremony held by the center in the fall semester.