Posted on November 22, 2016

As part of the national strategy of investing in younger generations to create a widespread positive impact on society and develop sustainable solutions, Nama Center, a member of Qatar Social Work Foundation, launched a life skills “Sekak” project aimed at developing the educational capacity of teachers, so that they can better handle and train students as well as develop their basic cognitive and life skills.

The outcomes of the 5-day program of “Sekak” project, which kicked off on the 20th of November 2016 at Nama Center, include boosting the training skills of trainers (Training the Trainers), their capacity to effectively deliver life skills content, and their ability to deliver short presentations in order to explain and educate students on life skills concepts. Commenting on the initiative, Ms. Mariam bint Abdullatif Al Mannai – Director of the Community Services Department, and the Director in charge of running the Nama’s affairs, said:

“Our adoption of a more involved social investment approach at Nama emanates from our belief in the importance of shifting our Center’s role from an organization that contributes to the development of society to an active one that helps community members through training and awareness, specifically the youth segment, address the challenges that lie ahead, through the implementation of programs that create long-term tangible results. As part of our new strategy, 30 young teachers were selected in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, aged between 25 to 35 years old. This foundational training program develops the growth of the youth potential, and their ability to effectively contribute in the community, thus creating a constructive link between Nama Center and high school students in Qatar.”

The program comes as part of the life skills "Sekak" project, one of Nama’s “Youth Capacity Building program” department projects, which focuses on helping teachers helping high school students acquire a set of personal, psychological and communication skills that will assist them in making informed decisions, communicate effectively, as well as develop coping and self-management skills, thereby leading them to live a healthy and productive life. Once the trainers are graduated on December 6, 2016, they will start implementing the program by training school students on developing their life skills.

The training program is held in line with Nama’s vision to play the role of the engine in the wheel of development and prosperity in the State of Qatar, through a sound investment in human capital, represented by Qatar’s younger generations, where ‘Nama’ will work on the empowerment of youth, boosting their capabilities, and investing in their capacity, by identifying channels and programs that contribute to the activation of their participation in community development and their effective contribution to achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030.