Posted on June 19, 2017

Stemming from its Social Responsibility and as part of its humanitarian programs and initiatives, NAMA Center, one of Qatar Foundation for Social Work’s (QFSW) affiliated centers, has presented Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) resident patients with the ‘Gift of Giving’. The ‘Gift of Giving’ comprises a set of personal hygiene kits, blankets and patient clothing.

On this occasion, Mrs. Maryam Bint Abdullatif Al-Mannai, Acting Executive Manager at NAMA Center, said: “Our initiative - the Gift of Giving - is part of our ongoing efforts to support society’s various segments, including the hospital’s resident patients, who are in dire need of those who can stand by them and shower them with benevolence and an abundance of blessings in order to lift their spirits and boost their sense of significance in their community. We appreciate the excellent role HMC plays for their benefit, through the provision of the best medical services to alleviate their suffering, and we look forward to gaining the support of community members and institutions through their active contribution to this remarkable initiative.”

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On his part, Mr. Ibrahim Al Ansari, Acting Head of the Social Services Department at the Qatar Rehabilitation Institute - Hamad Medical Corporation, said: “We first extend our thanks to our brothers and sisters at NAMA Center for their continuous support for the patients. This is not the first such initiative, as we have an established community partnership with NAMA Center to serve patients and contribute to their treatment in terms of costs and fees for dialysis. The ‘Gift of Giving’ initiative presented by NAMA Center comes as part of the partnerships and agreements between Hamad Medical Corporation and many institutions and associations in the State of Qatar, and we at Hamad Medical Corporation, represented by the Social Services Department, provide social, psychological and financial support to all patients, whether citizens, residents, workers, or visitors. Thus, the ‘Gift of Giving’ will be distributed to patients in need, through 12 hospitals affiliated with HMC.”

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NAMA Center launched the ‘Gift of Giving’ initiative in 2011, which helped support 445 patients over the course of four years, including all branches of Hamad Medical Corporation. In 2011-2012, this was presented to Rumailah Hospital, in 2013 to Hamad Medical city, in 2014 to the Muaither Medical Complex, and in 2015 to the patients at the National Center for Cancer Care and Research at Al Amal Hospital.

The NAMA Center continues its efforts to shed light on the different circumstances and challenges facing the Qatari society, achieving cohesion among individuals and institutions alike, and finding permanent social communication channels between the community and resident patients, especially for hospital residents without their families, as well as encouraging community members to understand their financial and humanitarian needs, in addition to attracting institutions in order to contribute to their support as well.