Posted on June 06, 2019

Minister of Municipality and Environment H E Eng. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Subaie has said that the Ministry spares no effort to reduce air pollution and its causes in a statement issued on the occasion of World Environment Day which falls on June 5.

The Minister said that reducing air pollution is one of the top priorities of Ministry’s strategic plans, as well as the national strategic development plans with the participation of the concerned ministries and authorities to achieve environmental sustainability, as one of the pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030, under the wise leadership.

He said that joint work between government and private sector has contributed in reducing air pollution and its sources in accordance with environmental standards, through best environmental friendly practices, converting to clean energy and green economy and reducing energy consumption, to achieve environmental sustainability and preserve biodiversity in Qatar. The Minister said that this annual environment event is meant to remind the world of the most important global environmental risks that threaten the existence of all on earth to live in a healthy manner and to work together, hand in hand, at the international, regional and national levels to protect the environment.

He added that the participation of Qatar in the celebration of the World Environment Day aims to emphasise the importance of the environment for all, in the spirit of joint action to preserve the planet and reduce air pollution of all kinds and sources. He pointed out that the adoption of “fight air pollution” as a slogan for the celebration of this year 2019, has clear indications on the need to alert everyone that the air we breathe has become a challenge to live a healthy life, due to high rates of pollution caused by the phenomenon of climate change due to misconduct of individuals, groups and countries.

He called upon all individuals and sectors to complete what has been initiated through joint action and concerted efforts to change practices into positive actions in reducing air pollution, stressing the importance of collective efforts, and their impact on maintaining a sustainable environment to ensure a decent and healthy living for us and for next generations. For his part, Assistant Undersecretary for Environment Affairs at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment Eng. Ahmed Mohamed Al Sada, said that the State of Qatar’s celebration of World Environment Day underscores the importance of highlighting the most important environmental challenges worldwide, which have a serious impact on life on Earth.

He added that this year’s slogan marks the current challenge of air pollution and its consequences for global warming, which in turn causes climate change and its immediate challenges to health and environment and its sustainability. He said the Ministry of Municipality and Environment is working seriously through its tasks, strategic plans, programs and projects of the national development strategy to reduce air pollution for the preservation and sustainability of the environment, which are consistent with Qatar National Vision 2030 and the directives of Qatar’s leadership.

Al Sada pointed out that the ministry is also working on reviewing and evaluating the environmental status of projects and development projects of all kinds to ensure that they follow best environmental practices, and the ministry has also established a network of air quality monitoring stations in cooperation with the concerned authorities, noting that these stations assess air quality in Qatar using the best technology. The Ministry also monitors the effects of air pollution causing climate change and works to reduce it with the participation of the concerned authorities in accordance with the international conventions on climate change ratified by the State of Qatar, the latest of which was Paris Agreement.

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment will organise events on this occasion with the aim of developing environmental awareness among the various segments of the society, directing attention to environmental issues and problems and activating positive participation in protecting the environment and facing its problems and challenges.

source: The Peninsula