Posted on November 09, 2019

Msheireb Museums, the four revived historic Qatari heritage houses in the heart of Msheireb Downtown Doha, launched a three-day workshop on education through Museums, in collaboration with the Committee for Education and Cultural Action (CECA).

Titled “When theory meets hands-on activities – Museum education practical approaches”, the workshop is designed for specialists, teachers, educators at large, as well as fans and friends of the museums, in Qatar and abroad, to learn how to develop a more participative educational practice in museums. The workshop consists of discussions, case studies, lectures and walkthroughs, presenting more than 30 participants with engaging tools and methodologies to enhance the educational experience they provide to their networks and organisations.

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The event is led and conducted by CECA, the oldest and largest committee under the International Council of Museums (ICOM). With 1500 members from more than 80 countries, the committee is established to provide an international forum for information exchange and to facilitate cooperation between professionals in museums and related institutions to enhance the role they play towards society. Dr Hafiz Ali, Msheireb Museums Director, said: “This the second time we host a workshop in collaboration with CECA. This global committee has a huge pool of expertise that members can tap into to support their evolvement.”

“In today’s world, education is a main component of a Museum’s offering, it is the channel that supports our practices and helps us remain closer to the community and add value. Therefore, it is crucial that service providers and practitioners are updated on the latest in Museum education and receive the appropriate training,” Aisha AlKuwari- Education Manager at Msheireb Museums elaborated. Gabriela Aider, CECA Instructor, said: “the idea of this workshop here in Msheireb Museums is to make a connection between theory and practice in museum education, discussing some offers and thinking of how we can be more participative in our educational approaches in museums, and how to develop meaningful hands-on activities inside galleries.”

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Msheireb Museums, developed by Msheireb Properties, are historic houses that collectively testify to the transformation of Qatar along the years, from a pearl-diving dependent struggling economy, to the advanced and open nation that it has now become. The houses tell this story eloquently through a focus on Msheireb, a significant historic area that makes up a key part of the oldest city centre ever known in Doha. In addition to its interactive displays and engaging dramatic historical tours and exhibitions, Msheireb Museums offer a strong education and workshops program catering to the needs of the community across a variety of cultural, artistic, developmental, and scientific fields.

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