Posted on May 12, 2017
Minister of Energy and Industry, H.E Mohammad Bin Saleh Al-Sada, Minister of Transport and Communications, H.E Jassim Bin Saif Al Sulaiti and  H.E Eng. Essa Bin Hilal Al Kuwari, President of Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) signed a joint cooperation and coordination agreement to launch an initiative of “Green Car” as one of the National Program for Conservation and Energy Efficiency’s projects.
This agreement comes within cooperation framework among State’s institutions for active contribution in achieving Qatar National Vision 2030; especially in achieving its four pillars; include sustainable development which aimed at disseminating awareness as well as promoting the culture of sustainable transport, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. In accordance to this agreement, Ministry of Transport & Communications will guide the concerned authorities to launch electrical cars within its fleets of  transport vehicles and buses in order to spread them in local market as a strategic and eco- friendly option to reach the strategic goal represented in raising this type of vehicles to 10% by 2030.
In addition, the Ministry of Energy & Industry will work on installing and managing the infrastructure to provide electrical cars with energy in different levels of charging capacity (fast, medium, low). It will also use the available technical expertise of Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation “Kahramaa”. Minister of Transport and Communications, H.E Jassim Bin Saif Al Sulaiti said: “This agreement comes within framework of Ministry of Transport & Communication plan to develop transportation according to the latest eco-friendly global systems and employ an alternative clean energy in the field of transportation in optimal manner to reduce harmful emissions; stressing that this agreement reflects the concerted national efforts to reach this goal.”   
H.E added: “This agreement will contribute in promoting transport sector via using vehicles that reduce traditional energy consumption, and then helps in reducing carbon emissions through encourage using the environmental safe materials to attain economic and environmental balance implemented in infrastructural projects for transport and communications sector.” H.E also clarified that all projects of transport and communications sector have developed the environmental issues and conserving energy at the top of priorities in order to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030. He mentioned that the Ministry of Transport & Communication supports all kinds of cooperation and efforts resulted from governmental and non-governmental authorities to attain a clean environment and promote the sustainable transport culture in raising the efficiency of using alternative and clean energy.   
The Minister of Transport and Communication thanked the Ministry of Energy & Industry and Kahramaa Corporation for their concerted efforts achieved to reach the optimal using of energy and preserve environment. On his side, HE Dr. Mohammad Bin Saleh Al-Sada stressed: “The cooperation between Ministry of Energy & Industry, Ministry of Transport & Communications and Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa); represented in National Program For Conservation & Energy Efficiency (Tarsheed) to achieve the comprehensive sustainable development via launching an initiative encourages and spreads sustainable transport services begins from using electrical cars. In accordance to Sustainable National Strategy 2017-2022;  this initiative will contribute in adopting a clean transport energy that provides a healthy environment, enhances results of environmental indicators, and reduces harmful carbon emissions of all sectors of State to 17% by the year 2022. The initiative also works in encouraging all institutions from governmental and private sectors to adopt “Green Car Initiative” to reduce the Carbon footprint of Qatar.        
HE added: “ The most important goals of this initiative is encouraging and spreading the eco-friendly cars at all sectors of the State as well as instilling and managing the infrastructure to provide those cars with energy. This procedure will be supervised by Ministry of Energy & Industry in cooperation with most importance developers of governmental agencies and buildings in the State to provide charging stations as well as specify the most appropriate locations to construct those stations around the State. Moreover, it will work on promoting the market of electrical cars via encouraging the vehicles manufacturers and suppliers of this car category as well as spread its using in society ; which will contribute in civilizing society in case of adopting this sustainable type of transport means. In 2016, the amount of electrical cars in European motor vehicle markets was around 9%, while Norway has recorded the highest average 33.5% (one in three cars is an electrical that operates via electricity and normal fuel). 
“Furthermore, this initiative comes within concerted efforts to provide a clean, healthy and safe environment for us and coming generations by diversifying energy sources for transport in the State to reduce warm gases and climate changes which will achieve the objectives of comprehensive sustainable development in accordance to Qatar Vision 2030 as well as the Second National Development Strategy.
H.E Eng. Essa Bin Hilal Al-Kuwari, President of Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa), said: “This agreement aims to enhance cooperation and raise the efforts level coordinated between Ministry of Energy & Industry, Ministry of Transport & Communications and Kahramaa “represented in National Program (Tarsheed)”; in order to launch an initiative that encourages using and disseminating eco-friendly electric cars as well as installing and managing the infrastructure to provide electric cars with energy. It results from Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation’s recognition to the importance of sustainable energy as well as our commitment to future generations via providing clean, healthy, and safety environment. Moreover, the diversity of energy sources for transport means in the State will help in reducing the harmful carbon emissions to preserve the economic and environmental balance. This comes within National Program (Tarsheed)’s objectives that works on reducing CO2 emissions rate in the State of Qatar by 7% from the total targeted percentage of all sectors (17%) till 2022. It will be achieved through disseminating awareness, implementing techniques and regulations needed for energy efficiency and renewable energy.      
H.E also added that “Tarsheed” has succeeded in reducing the capita consumption rate of electricity by 18% and water by 20% which contributed in reducing the rate of harmful carbon emissions to be 8.5 million tons since launching the national program in 2012 till 2016. “Tarsheed” has developed a new strategic goal to reduce the capita consumption of water by 15% and electricity by 8% till the year 2022.