Posted on December 21, 2015

Taking place at Darb Al Saai, the official venue for Qatar’s National Day celebrations, over 2,000 students from schools across Qatar have received comprehensive training about positive road behaviours in Qatar. The students received coaching from the Students for Road Safety group in its state-of-the-art driving simulator, and also participated in interactive sessions led by internationally accredited driving instructors.

Students for Road Safety is a programme run by Maersk Oil Qatar and the Traffic Department at the Ministry of Interior, and forms part of the national “One Second” road safety brand. The programme, which was stationed at Darb Al Saai for 13 days as part of the Traffic Village, aims to transform 12- to 18-year-old students into road safety ambassadors. During the event, Maersk Oil Qatar received an appreciation award from the Traffic Department for its continued commitment to road safety in Qatar.

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The Director of Qatar’s Traffic Department, Brigadier Mohammed Saad Al Kharji, said: “We would like to thank Maersk Oil Qatar for their continued efforts and support to seed behaviour change at a grassroots level in the country. Therefore, as a small gratitude, we were pleased to award them with an appreciation trophy for their commitment to road safety. Our presence during the country’s national day this year with the Students for Road Safety programme is further proof of our commitment, as well as Maersk’s, to achieve Qatar’s National Road Safety Strategy.”

Sheikh Faisal bin Fahad Al-Thani, Deputy Managing Director of Maersk Oil Qatar, said: “By working with the Traffic Department at the Ministry of Interior, we are confident that our Students for Road Safety programme will bring lasting benefits to Qatar for generations to come. We are committed to improving Qatar’s road behaviour and reducing the number of accidents. We are honoured to have received an appreciation trophy from the Traffic Department and we are proud of what our presence at Darb Al Saai has accomplished with seeding behaviour change amongst hundreds of students and our youth.”

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The driving simulator used in the Students for Road Safety programme features cutting-edge technology, including a complete car cockpit and an advanced display system with a wrap-around screen. A custom-made artificial intelligence engine reflects common traffic behaviours on Qatar’s roads like tail-gating, failure to indicate, flashing lights and cutting across cars at roundabouts. To date, thousands of students in Qatar have benefited from one-to-one coaching about road safety at their school this year as part of Students for Road Safety. The figures from Darb Al Saai this year represent the programme’s most successful year to date working largely with independent Qatari schools.