Posted on February 11, 2020

The Ministry of Interior (MoI), represented by the General Directorate of Industrial Security, has received the international accreditation certificate ISO 28000 for quality in supply chain for industrial security.

Director General of Industrial Security Lt. Col. Khalifa Mohammad Al Attiyah affirmed that this certificate is an international accreditation for the level of security services carried out by the directorate in securing oil and gas production sources in the country, adding that obtaining the ISO 28000 certificate is an important milestone in the way of developing the directorate in order to improve the level of securing oil plants, in a manner that achieves and enhances security success in the tasks assigned to it.

After receiving the certificate from First Secretary of the British Embassy in Doha and Director of Trade & Investment, Department for International Trade, Jinoos Shariati, Lt. Col. Al Attiyah highlighted the stages of the process of obtaining ISO certificate starting from the study and evaluation phase, through preparing for the application process phase, followed by documentation of the quality system phase, then the stage of the system internal audit, and finally the phase of external audit. For her part, Jinoos Shariati said that obtaining an ISO 28000 certification, is a major achievement that places Qatari industrial security at an internationally advanced level, and makes it reliable in terms of securing the sources of oil and gas production at an international level. She also added that Qatar is one of the few countries that have obtained this certificate, which reflects the serious work that the Qatari Ministry of Interior is doing to secure this vital facility.

source: The Peninsula