Posted on August 02, 2016
Motorists who meet with minor accidents on Qatar's roads can now register the incident with the Traffic Department using the Metrash2 app of the Ministry of Interior (MoI), it was announced Monday.
The latest addition to the e-services provided by the ministry facilitates registering minor road accidents between two vehicles via Metrash2. It is expected to reduce the time required for obtaining services and simplify procedures for the public, a MoI statement said. Speaking at a press conference to announce the launch of the new service, Brigadier Mohamed Saad al-Kharji, director-general of the General Directorate of Traffic, appreciated the efforts of the General Directorate of Information Systems at the ministry to improve and develop traffic services through various communication channels as well as the Metrash2 app.
“The new service, which is added to the list of MoI e-services in general, and to the General Directorate of Traffic Services in particular, aims to simplify the procedures for motorists, especially in minor accidents that often cause traffic blocks,” he said. Explaining the procedures, Brig al-Kharji said in case of reconciliation between the parties involved in the accident, either party can take four photographs of each vehicle and send them via Metrash2 to the Traffic Directorate investigation office. "The sender will receive a notification SMS asking him to wait for another message on further procedures. After verification, the party whose vehicle has been damaged due to the fault of the other (motorist) will receive a text message with instructions to go to the insurance company, while the party at fault will receive a message, giving him approval for vehicle repair. The permission can be printed from the MoI website or at insurance companies."
The director added that the new service would be evaluated after a while and extended to accidents involving more than two vehicles in the future. Brigadier Ibrahim Mohamed al-Haremi, director of the MoI's Information Systems Department, said the new service would help citizens, residents and companies alike and save their time by sparing them from visiting the traffic investigation office in case of minor accidents.
"Any one of the two parties involved in an accident shall take not more than four photographs of each car with some of them showing the accident location and the number plates. The drivers have then to move the vehicles away from the road so that traffic is not blocked. Then, the photos and information can be submitted via the Metrash2 app. Once this is done, investigators at the Traffic Directorate will review the accident, specify who has caused the accident and send the message accordingly - to go to the insurance company or get the approval for repair printed."
Captain Abdullah Misad, head of the Mamoura Traffic Section, said there are four options available for the parties involved in minor accidents – registering through Metrash2, approaching insurance companies where traffic investigation offices are available, visiting traffic investigation offices in different parts of the country and waiting for traffic patrols to come to the site. Captain Ali Ahmed al-Binali , head of e-services at the Information Systems Department, said the new service could be accessed in all six languages offered on Metrash2 - Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Urdu and Malayalam. He also said there was no need for both parties to register the accident; "instead, only one party should register the accident".
Brig al-Kharji later told journalists that minor accidents targeted by this service amounted to around 90% of all road traffic accidents registered at the Traffic Directorate, noting that the new service would be promoted through various visual and audio channels as well as social media. With the launch of the new service, the total number of e-services provided by different departments at the MoI has reached 120.
source: Gulf Times