Posted on March 02, 2018

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Thursday marked World Civil Defence Day, which is celebrated worldwide on March 1 each year, to remind people of the role played by civil defence in protecting lives and property.

This year's celebration came under the theme 'Civil defence and national institutions against disasters' to underscore the importance of strengthening partnerships between various institutions and companies related to civil defence. Speaking on the occasion, Assistant Director General of Civil Defence Brigadier Hamad Othman al Dehaimi said that the MoI is marking the day with the aim of enhancing cooperation with institutions and individuals to support Civil Defence's efforts aimed at spreading awareness and achieving security and safety of residents.

Dehaimi said that this cooperation is urgent, especially in view of the rapid development being witnessed in various fields. He noted that this partnership is a precondition for the success of the efforts to meet the challenges and maintain the security and safety of the homeland. On his part, the Director of Operations Department of the General Directorate of Civil Defence Major Mohammed Ahmed al Maarafi said that this year's celebration comes amidst several achievements of the department at various levels of training and awareness, as well as enhancing the fleet with the latest vehicles and equipment.

He added that the department owns an advanced fleet of vehicles, which goes along with the overall urban development and responds to the requirements of high buildings. He further pointed out that the department owns cars with a 112 metre high mobile ladder, which is the highest to be used in high rise buildings across the world. He pointed out that the department also boasts sophisticated vehicles to fight fires in industrial plants, in addition to equipment used in case of building collapse and other vehicles that are designed according to the latest technologies.

Concerning the response time, he said that the Civil Defence has achieved the ratio of seven to 10 minutes in line with international response rate, taking into account the qualitative and rapid change in urbanisation, in addition to infrastructure projects and other large projects implemented by the state. The ceremony included the presentation and commissioning of the latest Civil Defence vehicle which newly joined the Civil Defence fleet. The latest vehicle to join the fleet is a new fast intervention and rescue vehicle. The ceremony also included an evacuation drill using mobile escalator vehicle.

The ceremony also featured honouring of a number of ministries, government institutions and cooperating companies by the General Directorate of Civil Defence.