Posted on August 12, 2019

Thousands of people from expatriate communities celebrated Eid Al Adha with a variety of cheerful cultural and sports activities at Asian Town, Labour City and many other places.

The activities included musical concerts, traditional stage shows, cultural performances, magic shows in Hindi, Bangladeshi, Nepalese and Bhojpuri. It also included educative awareness programmes by different departments of the Ministry of Interior such as Traffic Department, Al Fazaa Police, Civil Defence, Community Policing Department, Search and Follow up Department, Drugs Enforcement Department and Human Rights Department. The events were mainly organised by the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Interior (MOI), in collaboration with other entities.

The Ministry said that the celebrations organised in various locations of Qatar with the aim of providing a safer environment in a closer location for the members of the expatriate communities residing in Qatar including the employees and workers of the companies to celebrate Eid Al Adha. It also aimed to enhance and strengthen cooperation and communication between the Ministry of Interior and expatriates in Qatar by providing safety and security tips during these events. Special prizes sponsored by Safari group and Grand Mall were presented to the audience through raffle draws as well as through the security awareness quiz by the Public Relations Department of the MoI.   

The colourful activities attracted thousands of residents all the day and till late at night who celebrated Eid Al Adha away from their homes with joy and shared their happiness with their colleagues and friends. In celebrations, events were presented in multiple languages such popular Asian orchestra teams presented musical shows in Hindi, Urdu, Sinhalese, Nepali, Malayalam, Tamil and Bangladeshi languages. The celebration at the Asian Town was held at the car parking area of the Cricket Stadium. “Today, we enjoyed many activities including sports, music, and awareness progammes. Some of my friends preferred playing cricket while others amused themselves with watching cultural activities,” said Zeeshan, an expatriate from Pakistan.

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Mohammad from Bangladesh said that it was a beautiful day for him and his colleagues. “We fully enjoyed by indulging ourselves in leisure hobbies and listening to good music and songs in our national language. I also took part in a cricket match. It was a nice day for everyone and there are friends who prefer to go out with their friends to enjoy music and barbecue on the beaches.” “Thanks to organizers it was a great day for expatriate communities. We feel as if we are in our country due to the variety of events and huge number of people from same nationality gathered at one place celebrating Eid Al Adha together,” said another expatriate, Noruddin.

This year’s Eid Al Al Adha celebration is being organized in collaboration with Indian Cultural Centre and is sponsored by Ibn Ajyan projects, Naaas Group, Safari Mall, Grand Mall, Trsnscind Group and Emco Qatar. Also the Barwa Group in association with Waseef and in collaboration with Ministry of Interior conducted two mega cultural events at Barwa Al Baraha in Doha Industrial Area and Barwa Workers Recreation Complex in Al Khor Industrial Area. Orchestra troupes and community artists performed in both venues, where the audience have got chances for showcasing their cultural talents on the stage in front of a huge crowd.

source: The Peninsula