Posted on December 31, 2015

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has cautioned people against using abusive language even jokingly with friends in email communications saying this is a punishable offence. Better avoid burdening the cyber crime combating centre and remain a law-abiding person than indulging in such things. Also using such language and personal photographs and information of others on a website is a punishable offence, the Ministry said.

The Ministry said in Arabic on its official twitter account yesterday that people should keep changing their email passwords regularly and use alphabets with numerals so that their emails cannot be hacked. Of course, hacking a crime too as also breaching others’ privacy. So, in order to make sure that one’s privacy is protected one must use difficult passwords for emails. According to the Ministry, people should also not open emails, particularly attachments with emails, that have come from unknown or suspicious sources because they could have viruses or espionage programmes.

“Don’t open such attachments unless you know the sender,” the Interior Ministry said. It has also warned people against making purchases online unless one knows well that a website offering sale is reliable. There is every chance that you could be cheated if you are not sure about the reliability of the website, said the Ministry. One should also avoid accessing or opening pirated programmes because they can also have espionage contents.

The Ministry also said that to steal information from others or their personal pictures is a crime. And to avoid pornographic materials one should go to filter option to block it. Cyber crimes can be reported to the MoI on hotline number 2347444, said the Ministry.

source: The Peninsula