Posted on December 31, 2018

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), represented by the Public Cleanliness Department, has carried out a comprehensive clean-up campaign covering 75 kilometres of the north-west coast of the State, resulting in remove 480 tonnes of waste. Safar al Shafi, director of the General Hygiene Department, said the campaign comes within the framework of the special programmes implemented by the department to clean the beaches in all regions of the country. 

The work was carried out in a smooth manner so as not to affect the daily work programmes, as the activities were carried out in three phases. The first phase included the cleaning of the beaches from the area of Abu Salem through the area of Gemayel, Khadaj, Al-Arish, Al-Faris and Freih until the Zubara area, which is 30 kilometre-long. Shafi said the second phase of the campaign will begin next week and will include beaches from Zubarah and the area of Umm Hayish. The third phase has been identified from the area of Umm Hayish to Zakrit area.

Shafi stressed that the ministry attaches great importance to the cleanliness of the beaches and islands as important recreational and state-of-the-art sites. He said the Ministry provided requirements to ensure that these beaches remain clean throughout the year to welcome citizens, residents and visitors to enjoy and spend time, especially during holidays and weekend.

source: Qatar Tribune