Posted on July 25, 2018

Doha-based environmentalists have praised the initiative of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) to put hanging water pots at public parks in order to save lives of birds in soaring mercury. 

The Public Parks Department of the ministry placed beautiful hanging water pots at public parks in different parts of the country so that birds, especially those that do not belong to the deserts and have been brought to Qatar from elsewhere, can quench their thirst when they feel like and their lives can be saved. Speaking to Qatar Tribune on Tuesday, an environmentalist and wildlife photographer Dileep Anthikkad said, "The initiative by the authority will help many bird species that belong to the 'Introduced Category', to survive in extreme summer."

According to bird watchers, most of the birds that are seen in Qatar are not indigenous and have either been imported, or have accidently arrived in the country and such birds belong to the 'Introduced Category'. It is noteworthy that desert birds have an inbuilt mechanism to adapt to the extreme heat and can manage to survive by finding water from different sources of nature. However, birds like pigeons, myna and parrots that are commonly seen in Qatar, but which do not belong to the desert climate cannot survive without water in high temperature. These birds find shelter in trees at public parks and prefer to stay close to the human habitat. 

The number of such birds is on the rise in Qatar with thriving pet business and these birds depend on humans for their survival. "A considerable number of pet birds are released by their owners sooner or later to join the other members of their species. But, these birds cannot survive without the support of human beings. So, the MME initiative is a positive move," Akhil Krishna, member of an environmentalists' group on social media in Doha said. A section of environmentalists said that birds such as larks have a mechanism to survive in the desert."They can survive collecting water even from dried trees in desert and humidity in summer," an environmentalist said.

source: Qatar Tribune