Posted on May 31, 2019

As part of its preparations for Eid Al Fitr, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) intensified its inspection drives throughout the country on eateries and food outlets and abattoirs to ensure the safety of food items. MME has announced to increase the number of veterinary doctors to check the animals at abattoirs during Eid days which will reduce the waiting time for people at abattoirs.

The veterinarians of the Meat Health Unit at the Health Control Department of the Municipality of Doha examined more than 84,000 animals between April 21 and May 25, said the Ministry on its website. 505 slaughters were destroyed because they were unfit for human consumption. Al Daayen Municipality has intensified its control and inspection campaigns for food establishments on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr. It is also working to increase the number of inspection campaigns to see their follow up to health requirements.

For its part Al Shamal Municipality is conducting more inspection aimed to catch any violation related to food items and public hygiene and excavations during Eid holiday in various public streets, public parks and food establishments. “More inspections will be conducted which will be focused on food outlets and eateries that witness more demands during Eid days which include shops selling sweet shops and nuts, butcheries and abattoirs,” a source at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment said. Regarding the work at abattoirs, he pointed out that the ministry has offered more veterinarians to check the slaughters in abattoirs during Eid Al Fitr and all abattoirs are ready to receive people.

To ensure the safety of meat, he has advised people to get their animals slaughtered only at abattoirs not at home to ensure the safety of meat as abattoirs have veterinary doctors to check animals. “Some people prefer to slaughter their sheep at homes avoiding waiting at abattoirs, but such act can create health problems and also spread of unpleasant odors when people throw the remains outside,” he added.

source: The Peninsula