Posted on September 25, 2015

The Ministry of Interior in a safety initiative on social media advised people to take precautions in the kitchen to prevent accidents, said The Peninsula. It has reminded simple safety steps which could prevent big incidents, on its Facebook page and said many spend more time in kitchen preparing Eid specials and for visitors. It says small actions and a little caution can ensure the safety of individuals, families and children.

“Ensure safety of electrical connections and cords and don’t leave them in risky manner,” the ministry said on its Facebook page. It advised people to wipe up spills as soon as they happen as wet spots can be slippery. It is advised that when working with pots on the stove, one should  hold the handle while stirring to prevent the pot from slipping off the burner. On children’s safety, the ministry said knives should be kept off them and pick them by handle and keep children away from burners and electric equipment. 

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It said electrical cords should be kept away from the stove top, oven and sink. It said checking if the oven and burners are turned off before leaving the kitchen and not keeping knives or other sharp objects in a sink full of water, would also help prevent accidents. In case of a fire, it is advised not to put water on a cooking fire as it could make it spread and use fire blankets and extinguishers. “Never add water to a pan with hot oil in it. It could splatter and burn someone. Keep paper towels, dish towels and pot holders away from the stove top so they don’t catch fire,” the ministry said.