Posted on September 23, 2015

Inspectors of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce have seized 311 fake computer games CDs during a surprise raid on shops selling CDs for computer games in New Al-Rayyan area. The Ministry fined the shops for violating the Law No. 7 (2002) on copyright and related rights which states in a number of articles, on punitive measures such as fines and confiscation in the event of damage to the right of the author and the consumer. 

Such raids are part of its measures to enforce intellectual property laws and regulations in Qatar, the ministry said, and urged consumers to ensure the retailer is an agent licensed to sell such products that are within the scope of its commercial business before purchasing the item. The raid is part of the ministry's initiative to protect consumers, monitor markets, and ensure that retailers abide by intellectual property rights protection laws. The ministry warned violators, saying it will be strict with them and will refer them to the concerned entities in order to have proper penalties as per the law.