Posted on August 27, 2019

The Ministry of Culture and Sports announced that it has completed the development of the electronic services provided to the public through Hukoomi portal, making them available to the ministry’s website users as well as via its application on smart devices.

Director of Information Technology Department at the ministry, Bassam al-Yafi’e, said the digital transformation of the services provided to the public comes in line with Qatar E-Government 2020 Strategy which aims to make all individuals and businesses benefit from electronic communication with government agencies that always strive to provide more transparent and effective services.

He added that the ministry has achieved the objectives of the transformation through this project and converted all services provided by them through its website as well as through the application on smart devices, through Hukoomi, creating a unified digital platform to provide public services, which covers different segments of companies, individuals and government agencies. Al-Yafi’e said that the ministry seeks to provide these digital services to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and transparency.

The project aims to achieve complete digital transformation of the services provided to the public, raising the efficiency of the administrative processes of the ministry, and increasing the level of transparency and community participation through co-operating with other government agencies for service integration. He estimated the rate of applications through the portal to more than 16,000 applications, were submitted through 60 services provided by the ministry throughout the year. These services are divided across the various departments in the ministry.

The department of publications and artistic works reached 40 services, the department of sports affairs has 13, the culture and art department has seven, the radio broadcasting department reaches five, version management and translation services has two services and library management services has one. On the occasion the ministry honoured the staff of the Information Systems Department, in recognition of their role in the completion of the development of e-services.