Posted on May 12, 2019

Over the years, smartphone photography has come a long way. From clicking pixelated pictures that can take long processing times to today’s filters and effects. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that photography has become a key element in the modern smartphone. Keeping this as a primary focus, Huawei P30 series, known for its emphasis on photography, introduced the HUAWEI P30 Pro leading the trio of smartphones boasting a super powered camera setup and hardware that boosts performance to the next level, and more importantly makes capturing a moment more special.

This Ramadan, the HUAWEI P30 Pro becomes your ultimate partner in capturing shared special family moments, marking each celebration during the Holy Month with unparalleled photo quality. From iftar, to suhoor, Huawei will be there making each moment count with a new photography experience in the palm of your hands. Let HUAWEI redefine Qatar’s unique brand of family, community and hospitality as you capture moments during this special time of year and explore life through a different lens with the HUAWEI P30 Pro.

Not one, or two, or three, but four cameras!

Huawei did not shy away from incorporating more than one camera into the HUAWEI P30 Pro. The all-new Leica quad camera setup features a 40MP primary camera with the new HUAWEI SuperSpectrum Sensor, a 20MP ultra-wide angle camera, an 8MP telephoto camera with SuperZoom and HUAWEI’s ToF Camera. Upfront the HUAWEI P30 Pro rocks a 32MP camera, all packed into the HUAWEI P30 Pro’s sleek body.

Meet the HUAWEI P30 Pro 2 [].jpg

One of the key innovations seen on the HUAWEI P30 Pro is the new HUAWEI SuperSpectrum Sensor, built into the 40MP main camera. This new sensor supports one of the highest ISO ratings seen on smartphones at 409,600 resulting in stunning photos even in difficult conditions. Thanks to the combined powers of the phone’s f/1.6 aperture, 1/1.7 inch RYYB CFA on the main camera which adopts Red, Yellow and Blue pixels letting in red and green light to the sensor. This results in up to 40 percent more light entering the sensor, thus creating brighter photos and videos with higher photosensitivity, even in conditions with no light.

The camera setup also includes the HUAWEI SuperZoom, a periscope styled lens cleverly designed to fit in the sleek and elegant body of the HUAWEI P30 Pro. This state-of-the-art design uses a prism element that bends light at a 90-degree angle, allowing for 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom and an impressive 50x digital zoom. This is complemented by Huawei’s Optical Image Stabilization and on board AI Image Stabilization, minimizing camera shakes at high zooms. Thanks to this stabilization, images and videos taken even at extreme zooms will not be blurry or pixelated, making nothing is too far for the HUAWEI P30 Pro, even the moon.

The HUAWEI ToF Camera, an exclusive to the HUAWEI P30 Pro is also a key part of the new camera module. With its rich bokeh and sophisticated depth information-capturing capabilities, the ToF camera supports multi-level, depth of field effects and portrait segmentations capable of identifying even the smallest details, delivering one of the best portrait shots on a smartphone, ensuring every member of the family gets their time in the spotlight this Ramadan. The HUAWEI P30 Pro houses a 32MP front camera, which is paired with deep-learning algorithm-assisted facial recognition and image segmentation support. By having these technologies work in tandem, photos come out crisp and more natural, even in tough-to-shoot conditions.

In addition to the high-end camera hardware, the HUAWEI P30 Pro also features powerful image stabilization technologies that bring together Optical Image Stabilization and HUAWEI AI Image Stabilization (AIS). This delivers the best stabilization offered by Huawei, be it a long exposure shot, snapshot, low light shot or even a video – perfect for any occasion during Ramadan

Meet the HUAWEI P30 Pro 3 [].jpgTwice the fun with HUAWEI Dual-View Video for Ramadan Celebrations

On the HUAWEI P30 Pro, users can enjoy a brand new way of shooting videos with the HUAWEI Dual-View Video1. By using multiple cameras, users can now capture a close-up and wide angle video at the same time, on one screen. While shooting on this mode, the display will be split into two screens, both of which can have their magnification adjusted. Not only does this mode spark creative ideas to shoot videos, but also helps while capturing special Ramadan celebrations, where the user can have the wide-angle screen focused on the big-picture festivities, and the close-up screen focused on their family members.

Super Powered Hardware to Take You from Futoor to Suhoor

The HUAWEI P30 Pro is powered by a large 4,200 mAh battery that is capable of providing users with almost an entire day of extensive use. Complemented by the 40W Huawei SuperCharge, users can charge up approximately 70 percent in just 30 minutes. Additionally, the HUAWEI P30 Pro also supports 15W Wireless Charging and houses a unique Wireless Reverse Charge feature. Thanks to this, users can place their friend’s phones or other devices, even from other brands, including earphones and wearables on the phone to instantly start charging it, provided it supports the Qi Wireless Charging Standard.

At the heart of the HUAWEI P30 Pro lies the Kirin 980, HUAWEI’s flagship processor and its most powerful smartphone chipset yet. The Kirin 980 is capable of enhancing both performance and efficiency, as well as adapt to AI scenes such as face and object recognition, object detection, image segmentation and intelligent translations. This allows users to take perfect shots, even of moving subjects with clear focus. The chipset also uses Mali-G76 as its GPU, which works with the new GPU Turbo 3.0 to maximize gaming performance. The new graphics solution greatly improves the efficiency of games, enhancing gaming graphics and removing lag ensuring smoother gameplay.

The HUAWEI P30 Pro comes with 8GB of RAM, ensuring faster processing and shorter load times. In terms of storage, users can opt between 256GB or 512GB options, perfect for saving all those precious Ramadan memories.

No compromise on looks

As powerful as this hardware can be, Huawei ensure that there was no compromise on design, with its engineers fitting everything into a sleek, stylish body. Boasting a new design with the concept of “The Aesthetics Design”, the HUAWEI P30 Pro comes packaged in an IP68 rated body that keeps it safe from dust or water while showcasing the beauty of salt flats. Users can now capture the distinct Ramadan flavor and glamour without compromising on quality.

Meanwhile, up front the HUAWEI P30 Pro features an all-new 6.47 inch FullView display with a curved OLED screen, which bends into the edges of the screen for a borderless viewing experience. The screen supports a resolution up to 2340x1080, filling out the entire display with sharp details and bright colors. The display also houses the In-Screen Fingerprint sensor that allows users to unlock their phone by just placing their finger on the screen.