Posted on July 04, 2017

The local fish production, which is between 13,000 and 15,000 tonnes per annum, is able to meet around 80 percent of the country's demand.

To meet the food security and self-sufficiency in fish production, the fisheries department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment has put the five-year plan (2017 – 2021) which focuses on three things which are: development of fishing services, fish farming project and sustainable management for fisheries. In order to increase the production of fish and to protect the natural resources, the Ministry also established the Aquatic Research Centre in Ras Matbakh project, which is expected to be opened during the next few months.

It aims to conduct studies and researches related to marine life, and also to achieve self-sufficiency in fish by developing fish farming. The centre offers small fishes for a number of fish farms on subsidised prices, according to report released by local media. The types of fish produced in the Centre will be sold on subsidised prices for fish farming. These fish farms can buy any type of fish at any time regardless of the weather from the Centre. To encourage private sector to invest in fish farming and shrimp, the Ministry allocated coastal and marine places for establishing fish and shrimp farms.

The cost of Aquatic Research Centre project is QR230m and is established on 110,000 sqm area. The project can increase its capacity to produce 10 million fishing a year. The project also has some extra spaces that can be used later to increase its capacity. The Research Centre consists of two floors and includes laboratories to estimate the age of the fish and analyse fish feed ingredients, etc. It is also equipped with electric generators, and includes 28 administrative offices, two meeting halls, a hall for lectures, library, and cafeteria among others.

source: The Peninsula