Posted on June 11, 2011

Ten graduates received their diplomas marking the sixth graduation ceremony of The Learning Center School (TLCS).  The ceremony took place at Carnegie Mellon University Qatar on June 8th and was attended by parents, staff and several distinguish guests, including His Excellency Dr. Hamad Bin Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari the Minister Of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Sheikah Noof Al-Thani, Assistant Director of Pre-University Education at Qatar Foundation, Mr. Fahad Al-Subaiey Chair of the Board of Governors of The Learning Center, Dr. Ken McLeod President of College of North Atlantic Qatar and others.

In his welcoming address, Dr. Ralph Pruitt, Director of the Learning Center,  recognized the graduates by saying  “they have worked hard and have achieved their goal, a prerequisite for the next step in their life, obtaining a college degree in preparation for a career.”  He then addressed the graduates by reminding them to thank the people that helped them along the way saying “I encourage you to make an extra effort to thank your teachers, your family, and especially your parents for believing in you and for raising you to value education, overcome difficulties, and turn your weaknesses into strengths.”  In his speech Dr. Pruitt continued to talk about where the school is headed next year “You are the last graduating class of The Learning Center School.  Next year, students will graduate from Awsaj Academy, part of the greater Awsaj Institute of Education, under Qatar Foundation.”

The Learning Center (TLC) is an educational program offering instructional services, diagnostic consultation and therapeutic services to students who experience academic difficulties.

H.E Dr. Hamad Bin Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari, Minister Of Culture, Arts, and Heritage

His Excellency Dr Hamad Bin Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari the Minister Of Culture, Arts and Heritage, was the keynote speaker for the evening.  Inspiring and encouraging the audience, H.E talked about the importance of pursuing higher education.  “Knowledge and education are the most valuable ways: combine these with good will and effort, you will overcome obstacles and achieve success.” He continued by reminding the audience of how fortunate they are to be a part of Qatar Foundation.   H.E said “I am so happy to be surrounded by young people full of life and energy; and so pleased to be on the Campus of Qatar Foundation: this institution which makes us all proud of its achievements in Qatar and in the world.”

In recognizing the graduates, H.E said “you have decided to succeed, and you have achieved success thanks to your efforts, God’s blessing, your families support and your school’s guidance.”  In conclusion, H.E congratulated the graduates and urged them to “I would like you to keep in mind that time is your capital, do not waste it. Use it well, and you will enjoy the fruit of your success.”

During some emotional speeches, the high school teachers spoke highly of all the graduates and expressed their feelings for the departure of their students.  “You take any virtue that we try to instill in students, and you’ll soon realize that Abdulaziz not only has it but he goes above and beyond what is expected” said Mr. Nait the high school Math teacher speaking of the student Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari.  When describing the student Faisal Al-Thani, Ms. Khawaja the high school English teacher said “I am truly going to miss Faisal’s sense of humor, his laughter, and his willingness to push himself academically.  I know he will be successful no matter what he does.”   Addressing the student Abdulrahman Al-Khater, Mr. Myers the high school P.E. teacher said, “you have the perseverance and ability to go far in your life. You have great family support; you are a motivated young adult, as are all of your classmates, to do the very best with the gifts that Allah (swt) has bestowed upon you. We will miss you tremendously.”

Emphasizing the importance of this day was Faisal Al Mansour, a TLCS graduate, “Today is the day that we crown the harvest of our twelve years of hard work to acquire knowledge, the day that our parents crown the harvest of their eighteen years of upbringing and care, and the day that the school celebrates a long life of creating educated and aware generations”.

Graduates with H.E Dr. Hamad Bin Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari, Minister Of Culture, Arts, and Heritage

Another graduate, Bilal Qaiser expressed his sincere appreciation for all the support that he has seen throughout the years.  “All my teachers have helped me in every step in order for me to succeed in the school and prepared me for the practical life to come. Thank you so much my dear teachers for all that you have done for me, for the encouragement that I should never give up and keep on trying.”

The graduates profound success and happiness on this joyous day filled the hearts of many.  Graduates were excited about what the future is holding for them.   Khalifa Al Thani, one graduate, was asked about his plans for the future, “After graduation, I am planning to attend Portland Community College in the US.  I would like to go into Business Management so I can start my own business when I come back.”  Another graduate, Saeed Al Naimi who had been with TLCS for nine years had this to say “I would like to thank my parents for their unlimited support and I would also like to thank the school for making me feel that I’m a part of the TLCS family.”

This year’s graduates plan to continue their studies at colleges and universities in Qatar, and abroad. TLCS is a Qatar Foundation initiative that provides an equal opportunity for all students to excel in their educational endeavors.

Thanking Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, the Chairperson Of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, TLCS acting principal Mr. Ali Al Shabi said “She has spared no effort in the different initiatives and research to provide a distinguished education at all levels, for all members of society alike, making Qatar and its institutions achieve the comprehensive vision of His Highness the Amir for 2030.”  He encouraged the graduates to follow their classmates in the endeavor to obtain higher education and advised them “to hold on to our great and magnanimous Islamic principles” he continued “our prayers are with you and may success follow you wherever you go.”

Mr. Ali Al Shabi ended the ceremony by declaring that the candidates had successfully completed the TLCS course of study.  Diplomas and Gifts were awarded by Mr. Fahad Turki Al-Subaiey, Chair of the Board of Governors of the Learning Center, Dr. Ralph Pruitt, Director of the Learning Center, and Mr. Ali Shaabi, Acting Principal to Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari, Abdul Rahman Al-Khater, Ahmed Bilal, Alanoud Al-Thani, Bilal Qaiser, Faisal Al-Thani, Faisal Al-Mansoor, Khalid Bahzad, Khalifa Al-Thani, and  Saeed Al-Naimi.