Posted on June 01, 2017
Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “Kahramaa” launches many awareness activities that have arranged within plans and objectives of the National Program for Conservation & Energy Efficiency “Tarsheed”.
The program represents in an awareness competition titled (Search of Hidden Answer) and prepared for the holy month to contribute in disseminating conservation culture to all categories of society. Tarsheed also disseminates awareness to reduce the percentage of harmful carbon emissions to become 7% in order to achieve Tarsheed’s objective by the year 2022.     
This competition has launched on social media platforms “Twitter” “Instagram” for Kahramaa and Tarsheed, where 15 interesting competitions will be presented throughout the holy month and the participants must find the answer hidden within the question. Moreover, the competition is suitable for all members of community and encourage them to adopt positive practices in consuming electricity and water. People can participate to win one of the valuable prizes provided by “Kahramaa” via sending answer in an SMS to the new free numbers. The competition phone number are 92119 for Ooredoo, and 98882 for Vodafone. People also can follow the competition on the Hashtag #Ramadan_Competition on social media platform. One of the competition’s terms is that the person has the right to participate once in order to equalize the chances of winning and give them the incentive to allow the largest member to participate. Every two days, Kahramaa will announce a name of one winner for each question on social media platforms at 11 am.
Within the framework of cooperative agreement between Kahramaa and Ministry of Endowments & Islamic Affairs, we are keen every year to emphasize the Islamic manners in mosques to guide public by Imams within their lectures during Month of Ramadan to urge people to follow conservation habits. They also distribute many awareness guidance leaflets in 1000 mosques in the State, especially those related to water conservation during performing ablution as well as optimal utilizing of lighting and air conditioners. They also print Tarsheed’s booklets in four languages, including Arabic, English, Hindi and Urdu; in order to reach largest possible number of people within community and encourage them to conserve consuming.        
During Ramadan, Legal Monitoring Section at Tarsheed Department will continue monitors and receives all remarks and complaints related to wasting to implement conservation law no. 20 for the year 2015 to reduce water and electricity wasting. The Conservation Law is effectively applied to control violations of wasting by qualified and trained inspectors at Kahramaa. The National Program “Tarsheed”, since its launched; has witnessed many successful achievements represented in reducing the capita consumption rate of electricity by 18% and water by 20%. The program continues achieving its objectives at all sectors in reducing electricity and water consumption as well as reducing carbon emissions’ impact, then consumption rate will reach 25% for electricity and 35% for water by the year 2022.    
We invite all community to cooperate with Kahramaa through the National Program “Tarsheed” to aware public of conservation culture and reduce consumption of natural resources of the State. Kahramaa also committed, within its objectives 2030; to instill and promote regulations of proper consumption culture among youth and all categories of community to cope with Qatar Vision 2030 “Keep Qatar Pulsing”.
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