Posted on October 14, 2016

The UCI Road World Championships Doha 2016 on Friday will be all about junior riders aged 17 and 18 years old as the younger prospects of professional cycling will seek a rainbow jersey to distinguish themselves as world champions and potential stars for the future.

The road races are giving a new dimension to the show thanks to their intricate tactics and intriguing developments. With its flat and curvy nature, The Pearl circuit produces competitions where is really hard to call who is going to win.

The women's road race version will start at 8:30 and comprise almost 5 laps to the 15.2-kilometer circuit to sum up a total of 74.5. The size of the team is limited to just five riders, rendering almost impossible for any country to control the race in order to force a sprint. This will produce a really nervous competition, with lots of attacks and riders seeking to establish the ideal group and break away from the bunch for good. In order to get the victory, female cyclists need to be both strong, savvy and fast towards the finish line. The list of potential winners is really long, with Netherland's Karlijn Swinkels and USA's Skylar Schneider looking like two solid candidates for gold and rainbow.

Later on, it will be the men's junior road race's turn, which is due to begin at 13.15. These young men will have to complete a 135.5 kilometer course on nervousness to try and snap a landmark victory. Conditions will be very similar to those the women will face, with small teams of up to six riders and few chances of a calm, controlled race. Powerhouses such as current UCI Road World Champion Felix Gall, from Austria, will try to succeed by launching long-range attacks, accompanied by other good rouleurs like France's Alexey Brunel and Australia's Harry Sweeny. On the other hand, fast cyclists like Belgium's Gerben Thijssen and Netherland's Nils Eekhoff will save the best for last in order to play their chances in an eventual mass sprint.