Posted on August 23, 2018

Thousands of believers turned up in large numbers to perform the Eid al-Adha prayer at designated prayer yards and mosques around the country early Tuesday. The Eid holidays began in an atmosphere of joy, piety and camaraderie, with the participation of people from all walks of life. 

On their part, the authorities had made the necessary arrangements to ensure that people were able to celebrate the occasion without any glitches. Traffic patrols controlled the entry and exit points at key locations to maintain smooth vehicular flow. Traffic was heavy early in the morning as people started arriving for the Eid prayer, many of them wearing new clothes for the occasion. Many children also accompanied their parents for the prayer. As the prayer concluded, people started greeting each other and wishing Eid Mubarak. While some headed home to enjoy family gatherings or visit friends, others went to the Doha Central Market - and other designated places in the country - to buy and slaughter the sacrificial sheep. 

Malls and other venues, such as Katara - the Cultural Village and the Summer Entertainment City at Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre, which are hosting a wide range of special shows and activities for Eid, also saw large crowds as the day progressed. Besides, many people also visited beaches and parks around Qatar. With the authorities taking necessary steps to ensure that the process went off smoothly, livestock selling points and slaughterhouses in Doha and beyond saw hectic activity from the morning. Traffic patrols also controlled the exit and entry points around the Doha Central Market and abattoirs to prevent congestion. 

Mohamed Rashid al-Marri, head of the health control and meat health unit at the Doha Central Market, said the slaughtering process was well-organised and conducted in accordance with the plans laid down by Doha Municipality in co-operation with Widam Food Company. The aim was to facilitate and ease the operations for all customers and save their effort and time. Accordingly, around 100 butchers were kept on duty to ensure the speedy delivery of the required services. Customers were given numbers from 5am and the slaughterhouses worked to full capacity. He added that the entire process is supervised by veterinarians until the meat is delivered to the customer, making sure that all the necessary health checks have been conducted.

Meanwhile, Abdullah al-Sulaiti, acting head of the Health Control Section at Doha Municipality, said some 3,600 sacrificial sheep had been slaughtered so far at abattoirs of the Central Market. He also noted that 45 camels and cows had been slaughtered there. A team of 25 veterinarians was present at the slaughterhouses to follow up on and supervise the progress of work at its various stages. Accordingly, 26 sheep (full) carcasses were destroyed after being found unfit for human consumption, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment said in a statement on Tuesday. No cow or camel carcass was destroyed. 

Al-Sulaiti said a certificate is issued to the buyers of animals whose carcasses are destroyed in order to get the same replaced with new, healthy ones from the point of sale. He said that four slaughterhouses were operated, including the ones for cows and camels, to cater to the huge demand. Priority is given to individuals wishing to have their sheep slaughtered in the morning while companies were mostly allotted the evening shift. 

Proper co-ordination was maintained with Widam to secure an adequate workforce for such tasks. In addition, an ambulance was deployed near the site to handle any health emergency, if required. Also, a reserve water tank and electricity generator were provided in case of any disruption in supply. Regarding health control at food establishments within Doha Municipality areas during the Eid holidays, he stressed that sudden inspection tours were being conducted at places such as public kitchens, which receive a large number of orders to prepare food for family gatherings during this season.

source: Gulf Times