Posted on September 23, 2019

Qatar National Library presented a lecture “A Journey Through the World of Diamonds” on 21 September, giving visitors an insightful talk that focused on diamonds, from their origins to how they become spectacular and highly sought-after jewelry pieces. The lecture was presented by Einas Mohammed, a well-known Qatar-based jewelry designer, who discussed the process of extracting the stones from the ground, and the countries that are most famous for their diamonds.

The lecture offered jewelry enthusiasts useful guidance to follow when purchasing diamond jewelry, including tips on assessing a diamond’s cut and clarity, and also included a discussion with gemologists. Fatima Raja, who attended the event, said: “I found this lecture very educational, as it gave us a clear definition of a diamond, its natural sources and how to recognize original diamonds in the market. The presentation and the supporting material provided in the lecture will help us purchase the best diamond and the one closest to our hearts. ”

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A panel discussion followed, which featured Dr. Sohair Wastawy, Executive Director of the Library; Yousuf Saad Al-Suwaidi, Director of the Department of Consumer Protection and Commercial Fraud; Ammar Al Kurdi, President of the Arab League for Measurement and Calibration of the GCC Countries and Chief Executive Officer, Zabarjad and Diamond; and Einas Mohammed. 

Mohammed Tayeb, who also attended, said: “I am happy to learn in the lecture that the State of Qatar has a complete set of processes and regulations to protect consumers purchasing diamonds in the retail market. Buying something as precious as a diamond always makes you wonder if it is indeed original, and it is a relief, thanks to the Library’s lecture, to hear about the range of efforts and research that go into regulating this industry.” 

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