Posted on November 19, 2011

Jaidah Group – one of the most influential and successful companies operating in Qatar – has participated lately in the Aspire4Sport exhibition both as exhibitor, and as Silver Sponsor of the event.

The second staging of Aspire4Sport, the International Sports Congress and Exhibition, was held at the Aspire Dome from November 12 to 15. Aspire4Sport is the only event of its kind in the Middle East, an exhibition and congress fully dedicated to sports and the sports industry, and which has established itself as the premium regional platform to market expertise and solutions related to the sector.

As Silver Sponsors of Aspire4Sport, Jaidah Group has taken ‘hands on’ role in this influential event and exhibited two of its core products: lighting technology and power generation.

Bengt Schultz, Chief Operating Officer of Jaidah Group, commented, “All types of top-tier businesses that provide services or goods to the world of sports were presented at Aspire4Sports.  Jaidah Group obviously comes into this category and ensured to showcase two of our products – media mesh and power generation technologies – at the event.”

With preparations well underway to construct the stadiums, facilities and infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup and the 2030 Qatar National Vision, Jaidah Group’s close association with two companies enables it to bring an exciting new media display product to the Qatari market.

Schulz continued, “The days when a sports stadium was just an inert, concrete bowl are long gone. Contemporary and future sports stadiums are more like living, breathing entities. The facilities expected by the modern spectator are wholly different from what they once were and with the assistance of partners OSRAM and the joint-venture Cummins Qatar, we have showcased ‘media mesh’ at Aspire4Sport’’.

“Media mesh is, in effect, a massive ‘screen’ made up of thousands of tiny lights mounted on a frame which is then wrapped around a building or other structure. This screen is then used for colourful and dynamic visual displays which can transform a building into a ‘living thing’. Live video, still pictures, patterns, text; the possibilities and variations of media mesh are literally limitless’’, added Schultz.

Many modern stadiums – in fact buildings of all kinds – are making use of this new mesh technology and it is going to feature heavily on the stadiums being constructed for the 2022 World Cup and beyond. Jaidah is bringing this product to Qatar in association with OSRAM, a German company that is one of the largest lighting manufacturers in the world. OSRAM’s research and development of LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology is greener, cleaner and more flexible than standard electric lighting.

OSRAM’s partner Traxom makes the housing for the lights, the ‘mesh’ itself, in whatever size and shape is required and together they make the finished product. But lighting requires power, of course, and this is where Cummins Qatar comes into the picture.

Cummins Qatar is the joint-venture between Jaidah Group and US giant Cummins which specialises in power generation technologies. Schulz added, “When you combine the expertise of OSRAM and Traxon with the power generation know-how of Cummins Qatar then Jaidah Group is able to bring the finest media mesh product to this market. Cummins Qatar and OSRAM are both leaders in their fields and, importantly, also the ‘greenest’ companies in their respective sectors’’, concluded Schultz.