Posted on May 28, 2018

Qatar University (QU) Health Interprofessional Education Committee held for the fifth consecutive year the Interprofessional Education (IPE) activity titled “Being an effective team player” and aimed to highlight the importance of interprofessional collaboration and being an effective team player in health care settings and to reflect through cases how effective communication across team members can enhance patient care.

Held at the College of the North Atlantic – Qatar (CNA-Q), the event engaged a total of 147 students from six professions -- medicine, nursing, nutrition, pharmacy, pharmacy technician, and public health. It also drew the participation of 19 facilitators from QU Health (QU colleges of Health Sciences (CHS), Medicine (CMED) and Pharmacy (CPH)), CNA-Q, and University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ). The activity started with an icebreaker game themed “Misconception game”, in which students were divided into small groups and shared the biggest misconception the public has about their professions and how they would educate others about this.

The event’s program featured the screening of a video on “Exploring the Concept of Team Communication and Decision Making”. It also included a discussion on the blame elements of the professions represented in the video and the human factors that need to be taken into consideration. Also on the program was an interactive case-based discussion on the impact of faulty communication by the team during which students had to read a case, draw a diagram of the flow of information among the health professionals in this story, and highlight the points of communication breakdown, as well as discuss how such problems could be avoided.

Second-year CHS Human Nutrition student Fatima Abdulla Al Naimi said: “When students from different health professions collaborate in learning about health care, from and with each other, they acquire knowledge which yields health enhancement. It was a valuable event where we get to know how different health professions collaborate to achieve common targets such as patient recovery. We also had the chance to figure effectiveness of working together, the importance of communicating with others and the attention to different points of view towards the case.”

Second-year CPH student Ikram Mustapha Zoukh said: “Attending this IPE event and being in a team with different medical majors opened my eyes on the importance of cooperating and communicating between team members. It is a great experience that prepares us for a brighter, better future for the medical community.” Third-year CMED student Wadha AlShafi said: “This program allows us to gain knowledge and skills by enabling collaborative practice which is effective in changing our attitudes. It gives us the opportunity to know and discuss cases from different aspects with other students from different profession. This could help in providing service quality and hence health care quality.”

  Second-year CNA-Q pharmacy technician student Mariam Elreedy said: “I found the IPE event so entertaining and useful especially that it merged between different medical fields and professions. It also provided the students with the opportunity to get to know each other by participating in the group activities.” Second-year UCQ nursing student Daniah Setmariam Moreno said: “I found the IPE event very informative and useful. It allowed me to identify my communication strengths and weaknesses as I believe communication is the key for being an effective team player.”