Posted on January 13, 2014

In demonstration of the continued close collaboration between Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), IHI President and CEO, Maureen Bisognano - a leading expert on quality and healthcare safety improvement, addressed a wide audience of healthcare professionals at a Grand Round lecture on Monday, 13 of January 2014, at HMC’s Medical Education Center.

In her lecture on “Leadership and a Culture of Safety” Ms. Bisognano explained the importance of healthcare leadership in driving culture change in any organization by leaders demonstrating their own commitment to quality improvement and safety and providing the necessary resources and infrastructure to achieve results.

“A culture of safety represents an environment where the staff are not merely encouraged to work toward change but they feel empowered to take action when it is needed,” said Ms. Bisognano. “Organizations can improve upon safety only when their leaders are visibly committed to change and when they enable staff to openly share safety information. When an organization has such a culture, staff members are more willing to point out the potential for adverse events due to unsafe conditions, and staff begin to trust that their actions can and will lead to better practices and change.”

How does it feel to fly with the best ?

She added, “I am delighted that through our strong and continued partnership with HMC, I have met many of their very talented and committed healthcare professionals who have embarked on a continuous journey to introduce innovative and sustainable systems changes that will positively affect the lives of their patients. Changing the culture of an organization is a long and continuous process; it needs to be everyone’s responsibility and part of everybody’s extended job description.”

Following the establishment of a strategic partnership between IHI and HMC in February 2013, the organizations are now preparing to host their second annual healthcare quality conference. The Middle East Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare will take place at Qatar National Convention Center in Doha from 25th – 27th of April, 2014. Healthcare leadership and best practice methodology that is designed to positively influence organizational culture will be among the many varied topics being discussed in lectures and workshops at this Forum.