Posted on October 23, 2011

International Gulf Trading Company (IGTC)-Chubb Fire Qatar, the country’s leading supplier of fire safety equipment and security solutions, has announced that it will be running a five-day fire prevention workshop next month at Doha’s Intercontinental Hotel in addition to its participation in the 3rd Civil Defence Exhibition and Conference.

From 14 to 16 November, the 3rd Civil Defence Exhibition and Conference will be taking place at the Doha Exhibition Centre. Two days prior to this three-day event, on 12 November, IGTC-Chubb Fire Qatar begins its NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association) Speciality Standards workshop, the final three days of which run parallel to the Civil Defence Exhibition itself.

The NFPA is the global authority in fire, electrical and building safety and was established over 110 years ago. Its mission is to reduce the worldwide burden of fire, and other hazards, on the quality of life by providing and advocating consensus codes and standards, research, training, and education. NFPA membership totals more than 70,000 individuals around the world.


The Exhibition and the NFPA workshop have a good deal of common ground and for this reason the timing of the event is important, as fire prevention experts from all over the world will be gathered in Doha at this time. IGTC-Chubb Fire Qatar has taken this opportunity to sponsor the NFPA workshop to increase the knowledge and level of certification of attendees at a time when increasing standards of fire prevention professionalism and awareness have never been more important.

The five-day NFPA Specialty Standards seminar addresses a number of issues relating to fire suppression. The programme is conducted in an easy-to-understand survey format and topics include an introduction to NFPA and the NFPA code development system, commissioning of fire protection systems, fire protection in tunnels and rail and subway systems, water supply for suppression, manual suppression devices and specialised suppression topics (including systems using foam, CO2, wet and dry chemicals and water mist and water spray systems and others).

The workshop is designed to introduce a basic knowledge of a variety of suppression topics. Likely attendees include fire protection engineers, architects, facility managers, technicians and others who are responsible for fire protection within industrial and commercial occupancies. The seminar will see delegates introduced to 15 of the NFPA’s ‘code applications’ which deal with differing types of fire and fire prevention, and successful completion of the workshop will see attendees receive a certificate attesting that they have reached the standard required by the NFPA.

An indication of the high levels of competence demanded by the NFPA is shown by the experience and qualification of the chief seminar speaker, Robert G Caputo. Mr Caputo has been a fire prevention professional since 1979 and, since 2006, the Vice President of East Coast Fire Prevention in Virginia, United States.

IGTC-Chubb Fire Qatar’s General Manager, Rami Batrawi, commented, “IGTC-Chubb Fire Qatar represents the zenith of fire detection and prevention services in Qatar and we are dedicated to improving standards across the board. This is the motivation for our sponsorship of the upcoming seminar where fire prevention professionals can learn from the best, to the highest possible standards, and effect greater levels of efficiency and competence in the vital field of fire prevention.

“The more we learn about fire and how it can be prevented, the safer we can all be.”

Participation in this keynote event costs QR5,000 per person and further details are available from IGTC-Chubb Fire Qatar, or online at