Posted on January 23, 2019

Harley Owners Group – Qatar (HOG), in collaboration with Harley-Davidson Doha, has welcomed the Qatari biker Khaled Al Jaber who crossed the longest connected track on earth from north pole to south pole. A group of HOG bikers received Khaled at the airport and escorted him to the Harley-Davidson showroom on Salwa Road, where a welcome reception had been arranged for him.

Al Jaber is the first Arab biker to accomplish this huge achievement, And the reception event hosted by the Harley Owners Group and Harley-Davidson reflects their appreciation of his efforts and success, and reiterates their commitment to the Qatari community and the national heroes of Qatar who inspire the next generation.

Ayman Mohamed Ali, General Manager of Harley-Davidson Doha said: “Harley-Davidson Doha and Harley Owners Group – Qatar Chapter HOG were pleased to welcome the Qatari biker Khaled Al Jaber at a reception to recognize his accomplishment. He is a Qatari icon who enhanced the image of Qatar in the world, despite facing tremendous challenges on this adventure. We praise his courage and adventurous spirit and feel proud to host this welcoming ceremony that reflects our values and support for recognizing all heroes who achieve success which is attributed to Qatar”.

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Thanking all people and authorities who supported his adventure, Khaled Al Jaber said: “it was a tough and challenging adventure. My aim was to encourage and inspire youth to travel and face challenges. I would like to honor this achievement in the name of our beloved country, to our wise leadership and to all the people of Qatar.” The journey from Pole to Pole is an incredible bike journey along the longest connected track on earth. The track starts from the farthest point in Alaska (North Pole) and ends in southern America on the south pole. The track is around 40,000 KM, and the biker crossed 15 countries over a 5-month period.

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Khaled began the trip in July 2018 and crossed through the following countries: Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa-Rica, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Chili, Argentina and Uruguay. The trip ended in Buenos Aires in Argentina. H.O.G. is the largest factory-sponsored motorcycle enthusiast organization in the world, with more than a million members around the globe. Much more than just a motorcycle organization, H.O.G. represents one million people from all walks of life united by a common passion: making the Harley-Davidson® dream a way of life.

H.O.G. – Qatar Chapter organizes numerous activities throughout the year, including tour rides, donations, community events and charity support. The community is well known for its passion and involvement in all of Qatar’s major occasions.