Posted on March 12, 2016

Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Nephrology Department, in collaboration with the Corporate Communications Department, organized a series of events last week to mark international World Kidney Day.

Officially held on 10 March, the global theme for 2016 was ‘Kidney Disease and Children’ and for this reason HMC placed special focus on raising awareness of kidney issues related to children. Her Excellency Dr. Hanan Mohamed Al Kuwari, Minster of Public Health and Managing Director of HMC said: “Kidney disease is a serious condition affecting the health and lifestyles of many people in Qatar, both young and old. This year’s World Kidney Day activities build on the progress we have already made in recent years to provide safe, effective and compassionate care for patients with kidney disorders.”

HMC marks World Kidney 1 [].jpgChronic kidney disease is a long-term condition caused by the inability of the kidneys to function effectively. “Around 10 percent of the world’s population is affected by chronic kidney disease and it is estimated that the disease affects 13 percent of Qatar’s population,” explained Dr. Hassan Al Malki, Head of Nephrology at HMC.

There are many factors contributing to the development of kidney disorders and it is important that people are aware of these risk factors and take steps to prevent them, where possible, as Dr. Al Malki noted: “People with a family history of kidney disease, those over 50 years of age and people of African, Hispanic, Aboriginal or Asian origin all have an increased risk. Additionally, high blood pressure, diabetes, excess body fat and smoking all increase the chances of developing kidney disease.”

The early stages of kidney disease often have no signs or symptoms. For this reason it can be very difficult to accurately diagnose kidney disorders before they reach an advanced stage. A person can lose up to 90 percent of their kidney function before experiencing any signs. Many of the signs and symptoms below may not be obviously associated with chronic kidney disease, but it is important that people who suffer regularly from these symptoms consult their doctor in order to have a kidney test.

Members of HMC’s kidney team handed out gifts last week to dialysis patients at Fahad Bin Jassim Kidney Center as part of the overall activities. Additionally, students from Qatar University and several schools in Doha visited the center on World Kidney Day to learn about kidney function and how to prevent kidney disease. On Friday 11 March, HMC held a family community day at Aspire Park. The event featured fun and educational activities for all the family. Members of the nephrology team were on hand to educate the public about the signs and symptoms of kidney disease, advise how to maintain good kidney health and also carry out screening checks.

HMC marks World Kidney 2 [].jpg

HMC also organized a World Kidney Day symposium for members of staff involved in the delivery of care to patients. The educational event provided a unique opportunity to discuss the most important clinical issues that HMC’s medical professionals face in their daily practice. Clinicians from HMC presented talks on a wide range of topics related to kidney health, including nutrition, major risk factors, medication dosage and acute kidney injury.

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