Posted on April 24, 2012

Hassad Food, Qatar’s premier investor in the agriculture and livestock sectors announced the launch of ‘Nathry Extra Long Basmati Rice.’

The product, specially sourced and formulated for the Qatari market, is another step in Hassad Food’s mandate to support food security initiatives in the State of Qatar.

Mr. Nasser Al Hajri

“As part of our commitment to our community, we are proud to launch ‘Nathry Extra Long Basmati Rice,” said Mr. Nasser Al Hajri, Chairman of Hassad Food Company “To ensure the continuous supply of this grain to the heavily rice-consuming Qatari market, we invested heavily in basmati rice’s ‘birthplace’ specially in Pakistan, where ‘Nathry’ is sourced and milled. In short, our investment also ensures that the basmati rice is available to the country at extremely competitive prices.”

Out of all rice types, basmati is the most sought after for its high quality and aroma. Not surprisingly, basmati commands a high price as compared to other rice types, and became renowned as the staple grain of emperors and rulers across the centuries.

“Building on the Pakistani heritage of rice cultivating and know-how, we finally reached what can be considered as the ‘perfect’ basmati grain,” Al Hajri Added.

Mubarak Al Sahuty

Mr. Mubarak Al Sahuty, Board Member of The National Food Company (NAFCO), Nathry’s main distributer commented on the launch “a ‘Nathry’ grain averages close to 7.6 mm uncooked, and maintains a pearly-white color, pleasant fragrance, and intricate taste for which basmati is known for. I can proudly state, with full confidence, that ‘Nathry’ is definitely a superior and premium brand especially after the success of the testing period”.

‘Nathry Extra Long Basmati Rice’ will be available in 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, and 40kg bags, and will soon be on the shelves of Al Meera supermarkets across Qatar.

Hassad’s mission is to own and develop an efficient, profitable, growth-oriented, and respected global agribusiness group, contributing to the welfare of Qatar and other societies by providing high quality products while using the latest technology in harmony with the environment and adhering to the highest standards of corporate social responsibility.

Highlighting Hassad’s future plans Mr. Nasser Al Hajry, Chairman – Hassad Food Company says: “After the successful launch of ‘Nathry’, we will continue to focus on high-demand staple food commodities relevant to Qatar and the region. At the same time, our policy is to be flexible with regards to market conditions, and we will take advantage of profitable opportunities that arise and meet our own stringent criteria.”

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