Posted on October 11, 2018

On 6th October 2018, around 40 GSAS Certified Green Professionals (CGPs) attended a GSAS Design & Build refresher course at the QNCC. This workshop was a series of the CPD programs periodically organized by GORD academy

Engineer Alek Zivkovic and Architect Charles Cutting from the GSAS team moderated the workshop and briefed the delegates on various updates in the system along with a review of the system’s certifications, categories, manuals, toolkit, calculators as well as an overview of the Conformance to Design Audit (CDA) process.Among the delegates, there were many professionals working on various projects in Qatar and the region that are aiming GSAS certifications and they attended this workshop as part of their continuing professional development and to renew their CGP license. Workshop attendees actively participated by asking questions and citing examples from their respective projects. They appreciated for having an opportunity to refresh their learning and suggested to have more such sessions during the year.

GSAS Refresher Course participants 2 [].jpg

Hemlatha Kesavan – QDC: “These refresher courses are very helpful because they are a reminder of what we did earlier in a nutshell. I did my CGP course a while back in 2013 and usually we don’t get time to revise so it really helps to do it here in a short sitting.” Imre Martin – Porr Construction: “I’m working on the Greenline project. I agree that we are too occupied to follow day to day changes and updates, so these refresher courses are very useful in terms of catching up with them. I can see the development of the system and the efforts of the team and they are doing well. I’m an environmental engineer and I feel we can focus even more on the Energy category in this region and should utilize the renewable energy more.”

GSAS Refresher Course participants 3 [].jpg

Benan Urgun – COWI A/S: “I think the workshop was very comprehensive. I’ve been a CGP for about four years now and try to attend these workshops and events. I can see constant development in GSAS which is good and it’s working well for this region.” Ossama Rabie – EHAF Consulting Engineers: “These workshops are always helpful and much needed to refresh the learnings and the new updates. I’ve been a CGP for five years and have worked on different types of projects with seven of them completed and now four more on the way. I really appreciate the support of the GSAS team.”

GORD Academy periodically conducts Refresher Courses that are developed to give practitioners a chance to update their knowledge based on the latest addenda to GSAS manuals, Categories & Criteria, calculators, toolkits, and GSASgate. To find out about the next CPD session by GORD Academy, click here.