Posted on July 12, 2019

Police College celebrated the graduation of 300 students from the youth programme ‘Tomorrow’s Officers’ in the presence of Advisor to the Minister of Interior and Vice-President of the Supreme Council of the Police College HE Major-General Dr Abdullah Yousuf al Mal, a number of department directors at the Ministry of Interior, and parents of the graduates.

Major-General Mal praised the outstanding skills and military discipline the students showed during the parade of self-defense skills. He said the show indicates they have learned an important aspect of security work and the role played by the police in maintaining the security and safety of the country and the members of the society. He also appreciated the efforts of the officers and trainers of the college staff in preparing the students. 

He said the programme is part of the directives of Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al Thani to the Police College to set a plan to make the youth develop interest at an early age, train them scientifically, intellectually, religiously and in sports during the summer vacation. The college started designing and implementing the youth programme in last year’s summer and the experience was successful as the college received nearly 2,000 students from the primary stage.

Major-General Mal said that due to the programme’s success and the parents’ satisfaction, the College continued to work this year to increase the number of students to 2,600. He also thanked the faculty of police officers and trainers for their efforts that led to the success of the programme. Head of training at the college Major Fahad Saeed al Subaie said the programme’s activities highlight many social values such as ethics, honouring parents, giving, honesty, loyalty to work, serving the country and appreciating the State’s sponsorship of education, health and the value of security and safety.

The ceremony included a documentary film, presenting the programme’s daily activities and the training the students received. The students then displayed military and sports training they received during the programme. They also presented scenes from aerial shooting, as well as brief scenarios of raids which were executed with the utmost proficiency. The ceremony also featured a poem and a speech about the participating students, expressing the thanks and appreciation for what they gained during the programme. A number of parents expressed their happiness over the programme and appreciated the attention given to their children by the ministry represented by the college.