Posted on March 17, 2017

IJSBE is a peer reviewed open access journal that offers researchers the opportunity to upload or download latest studies absolutely free-of-cost and is supported by an Editorial Board of leading international experts in multi-disciplinary fields.

GORD initiated this journal with the primary objective of disseminating knowledge and promoting research and innovation aimed at creating sustainable built environment that reduces resource consumption, combats environmental degradation and creates a better living environment through the reconciliation of the sustainability pillars.

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The journal acknowledges pioneer research comprising review articles, policies as well as short communications. The scope of the journal covers topics related to urban connectivity, site, materials, indoor & outdoor environment, energy efficiency, renewable energy, HVAC systems, cultural & heritage, management & operations, and policies & regulations. IJSBE has achieved an effective spread of international authors reflecting a nice distribution of topics in their papers. Accordingly, the accumulated downloads reached to more than 600,000 by 2016 which corroborate most of the covered topics of IJSBE. 

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With the percentage of 40% and 30%, Asia and Europe maintain the highest number of downloads, followed by North America 14% and MENA 5% while Australia and Africa maintain 4%. India, United kingdom and United States have reached the highest average of downloads considering other 13 countries. The below diagram explains the countries by name in order: GORD Institute's IJSBE is an open access journal to facilitate researchers, manufacturers, economists and governments in keeping abreast of new developments and join hands to explore alternative solutions to enhance the sustainable built environment.