Posted on June 25, 2015

Gulf International Services (GIS) has welcomed Qatar Petroleum's (QP) decision not to assign contracts by direct agreement with the concerned companies, including wholly or partly owned companies by QP or its subsidiaries. 

GIS considered the decision, which came in QP's efforts to emphasize the importance of strengthening the principals of fair and equal competition through providing genuine participation opportunities for all qualified parties, a starting point for some of its subsidiaries, which have dealings with Qatar Petroleum, to strengthen their capabilities and resources and expand functions and services provided in order for them to be able, like all other companies working in the same field, to compete in the local market. 

The decision which Qatar Petroleum has recently made stems from its role, not only as a national corporation responsible for all phases of oil and gas industry in Qatar, but also as a community partner helps achieve the comprehensive vision of the State of Qatar, as well as pursuing a forward-looking vision that outlines its ambition as a national corporation reinforcing the sense of belonging and providing a nurturing environment for a sustainable economic growth of the national economy with a social responsibility. 

Gulf International Services is the largest services group in Qatar, with interests in a broad cross-section of industries, ranging from insurance, re-insurance, fund management, onshore and offshore drilling, accommodation barge, helicopter transportation, and catering services.