Posted on December 23, 2017

Participants at the Violence against Women in Media and Drama Forum organised by the Protection and Social Rehabilitation Centre (AMAN ) of the Qatar Foundation for Social Work (QFSW) on Wednesday have called for joint work between AMAN and the GCC Joint Program Production Institution on violence against women in drama and media.

QFSW’s CEO Amal Abdullatif al Mannai stressed that the doors of the foundation and its centres are open to writers and journalists to see the cases that they have and preserve their confidentiality and rights. She also noted that the database is available at the social institutions so that the cases do not turn into dramas and articles aimed at serving the community become useless. She stressed that the motive behind the forum is to bring such experiences to light in order to activate the preventive role of civil society institutions. Mannai explained that the forum aims at spreading awareness about prevention of violence against women and their rehabilitation, noting that the media can play big role in reducing violence in society.

Mannai praised AMAN ’s choice of the topic of the forum and the way it presented the issue to the main players in the Gulf drama, who in turn emphasised the importance of highlighting the wonderful models for women in the Gulf society by the media. The CEO of QFSW called for imposing certain restrictions on producers with regard to presenting scenes of violence in their dramas for commercial reasons. On his part, AMAN Executive Director Mansoor al Saady pointed out that domestic violence presented in the media and drama is a reflection of reality and that the media and society are linked to an integrated and participatory relationship where the media transfers the community reality in a more influential way. Saady called for more realistic portrayal of both women and men in the media rather than presentation of their stereotyped images.