Posted on March 11, 2019

Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC) - owned by Qatar Development Bank (QDB) – launched two new programs, the Lean Coach and Lean Manufacturing Programs, and hosted guest speaker Porter Erisman - former Vice-President of Alibaba Group - at the latest edition of their insightful speaker series.

For nearly a decade, Porter Erisman served as Vice President at Alibaba Group, joining the company just as it moved out of founder Jack Ma's apartment and helped transform the company into the tech behemoth it is today. Erisman, a best selling author & award winning filmmaker, is an expert on e-commerce in emerging markets & has consulted in Africa, Asia and Latin America; his Alibaba documentary was showcased at 15 international film festivals, and this was his first visit to Qatar. Hamad Bin Dashin Al-Qahtani, General Manager at QBIC said, “We are honoured and delighted to have Porter Erisman join us today for our latest speaker series session which also marks QBIC’s 5th anniversary. We always aim to bring inspirational speakers to share their entrepreneurial journeys with our aspiring entrepreneurs, and Erisman’s story and expertise will undoubtedly provide a wealth of insight and tips which our local entrepreneurs can learn from to grow, or even start, their own business.”

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As for the new programs, QBIC’s all new Lean Coach Program is the first of its kind in Qatar and is specifically designed to develop the next generation of certified coaches and equip them with the skill-set that allows them to help transform promising start-ups into successful businesses. Recognising the importance of providing the necessary support and guidance for businesses who are opting to manufacture products locally, QBIC’s Lean Manufacturing Program is designed to develop and build the capacity of companies and start-ups that are currently manufacturing or aiming to manufacture products and goods in Qatar.

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Commenting on the programs, Al-Qahtani continued, “Reflecting on the last 5 years, we are all very proud at how far QBIC has come, and especially pleased to be launching these two new programs & expanding our range of support, as we continue to enhance the Qatari entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Lean Manufacturing Program enables us to become more specialized by focusing on the specific needs of industrial start-ups looking to produce goods in Qatar, whereas with our Lean Coach Program, we hope to develop a new generation of coaches who can guide the country’s future success stories”

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