Posted on September 06, 2017

Hundreds of visitors thronged the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) yesterday to witness the final day of the Eid festivities held adjacent to the Katara beachfront. 

Despite the warm weather, families could be seen arriving well in advance to the start of entertainment, on the last day of celebration, in order to get the best seats. Some of the families, for whom a visit to Katara during Eid Al Adha had become a much-anticipated annual event, had brought their friends along as well to make the most of the remainder of the holidays, before the schools reopen in a week’s time.

The last day’s events included a series of shadow theatre shows that offered a glimpse into the cultures of other countries. The performances, staged against the dark backdrop of the beachfront, held the audience spell-bound with its mesmerizing use of light and sound effects to convey the story. The shadow theatre performances, loosely based on the Arabian tales, the history of the Roman Empire, Alice in Wonderland and the all-time favourite Aladdin, were staged across all four days of the Eid celebrations, each evening. Younger visitors were seen enjoying the acrobatic displays that were a part of the show, with some of them making more than one visit to Katara, to watch a repeat performance.

Children along with their parents, waited patiently in long queues to receive the gifts that the organizers had arranged to be distributed at 7pm each. Having collected their presents, the young guests were seen leaving the pavilion, laden with gift-wrapped boxes, their faces in smiles. The warm weather coupled with an atmosphere of revelry, translated into brisk business for the food kiosks along the beachfront. Crowds could be seen lining up outside the ice-cream, crepe and burger joints. Cafes and restaurants in Katara, too, were kept busy with patrons streaming in until late at night. Additionally, the organizers had also made arrangements for bottles of water to be distributed free of charge, amongst the audience.

A section of Katara beach had been thrown open to the public, and visitors could be seen taking full advantage of the tranquil setting. A large number of families, along with their friends, arrived early, eager to pick a quiet spot on the beach where they could relax for an hour or two, before the performances started. Keeping in mind the weather, the organizers had also offered an impressive line-up of water sports for the more active and thrill-seeking visitor, or for those who simply wanted to cool off. A long-standing and much-loved feature of every Eid celebration at Katara is the fireworks display that takes place each night. This year too, visitors were not disappointed. Swirling patterns and colours lit up the night sky on the last day of the festivities, forming a dazzling reflection on the still waters off the beach - a fitting finale to the Eid al Adha 2017 celebrations at Katara.

The organizers of this year’s Eid festivities spared no effort to ensure that the activities on offer were an eclectic blend of tradition and technology, ensuring that they appeal to all age groups. The latest array of activities mirror the ceaseless efforts of the Cultural Village to provide a world-class venue where the residents of Qatar can experience the best and finest in entertainment, art, culture and heritage.

source: The Peninsula